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What is the quickest way to lose some fat off your butt. I’m only a teenager so nothing drastic.?

I don’t want any pills or dietsor anything like that. I am already light and slim but my butt just seems to stick out and get in the way I guess. I am a good eater and I play quite a few sports so I do a lot of excercise. I just need you to tell me some excercises or lifts or something to help get rid of my sticking-out butt. Also maybe something to help a stomach flat? (it already is but my mum’s isn’t and she want to lose it fast!)

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11 Responses to “What is the quickest way to lose some fat off your butt. I’m only a teenager so nothing drastic.?”

  1. crao_craz said :
  2. Vivacious said :

    Jogging is good.

  3. hanmabookie said :

    When Jessica Simpson got ready for her role on Dukes of Hazzard, she said she stopped eating sugar and salt, drank more water and did a lot of leg squats. She also ate skinless chicken and veggies. If you’re trying to lose weight off your butt, try doing all of the above, but with hindu squats. Check out for details. It’s a killer workout and will definitely get results!

  4. MADAM_BUTTERFLY_206 said :

    Why would you want to change a big roundass???? I love myass!!! One day you will love your bootie too!!

  5. txman777 said :

    you can’t target train to lose fat. It doesn’t work. You just have to burn more calories than you consume and your body will decide where the fat comes from. Just diet until you lose all the fat you want to lose. Eventually the fat you wanna lose will come off by dieting.

  6. Hot_Rod said :

    do squats 12 count per set.
    do atleast 2 sets a day. then increase if you can

  7. ke su said :

    Ride a bike for your back side,or swim, both will tone you up and reduce it.
    Even walking( fast) every day for 30 minutes will help.
    And same for mom, walking briskly everyday is s agood aerobic excercise, maybe you could go together.

  8. coralibea said :

    Treadmill. But it seems like genetics may have something to do with your “sticking-out butt” situation.

  9. Aaron T said :

    You wanna LOSE fat on your butt? Wow.

  10. hal5000 said :

    since the design inception occurred an eon ago,these were for a cushioning effect for the human lower torso,and associated core bone matrix.these are compact muscles short and sometimes striated.henceforth the jutting affect of what you mentioned.since this can be remedied by lunges(long footsteps) with the sublaxation of the gastronimicus and the adduction of the gluteus minimus and the maximus in a structured repetive will find self approval in no time flat( see grays anatomy )for more comprehensive look at the structures involved.

  11. avp071 said :

    The one thing that guys will always look at, can’t help but look at, always sneak a peak at, just to see how round it actually is and also to see if it has just 1 ounce more jiggle than the last shapely “dunk-a-dunk” and YOU want to lose it? Kinda like me buying a ferrari and looking for a nice volkswagen body to put on it….


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