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how can i lose some fat off of my stomach area the quickest?

i was wondering if anyone could tell me the quickest way i could lose some fat off of my stomach area. i don’t have much time to exercise but i can try to make time if it is really necessary. i wanted to know some really easy quick ways to loser belly fat. PLEASE HELP

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11 Responses to “how can i lose some fat off of my stomach area the quickest?”

  1. Elyseholly said :

    belly fat is directly related to your cardio. so exercise exercise exercise.
    Or, a less popular answer that I still stick by 😉 – take ephedrine. works like a charm

  2. Mr. Jessup said :

    Slather your belly with steak drippings and go swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

  3. Jason G said :

    It’s really necessary to exercise. You have to burn more calories than you take in to burn fat. I.E. you have to have the right combination of diet and exercise to have the type of body you want.

  4. ♥eat. sleep. surf.♥ said :

    crunches, buy a big exercise ball that comes with a dvd, it shows you a lot of exercises to improve ur core ( abs/ stomach)

  5. boyzfantisy said :

    if you do crunches/sit ups everyday 20 in the morning and 20 at night before you go to sleep it works and eat fruit in between meals.

  6. Lilly said :

    Lipo, suck it out.
    it’s the only way to make it gone, gone gone.
    most of us have fat stored in different areas of our body.

    no quick fixes, so if you want it gone fast.
    get it sucked out, and stick to a healthy diet and exercise.

    diet and excercise alone will not get rid of a fat belly.
    suck it out

  7. kookie said :

    crunches, simply fabulous! i know what it feels like! i promised myself and my friends that i would look good in my bikini by the end of summer. that’s a few weeks away, so i really need to pump it up. also, running increases your metabolism, so do that, so when you eat, you don’t gain weight.

  8. Jimmy R said :

    Cardio exercise at least 20 minutes a day with an 1800 a day calorie diet. I cycle and/or spin. It melts off. Contrary to popular believe you can not just exercise the abs and get the results you want. Fat is lost all over when you exercise. Start with walking 30 minutes everyday and take no more then 1800 calories a day of good healthy nutritious food. Avoid fried foods, candy and the like. Eat fruits and vegtables, drink plenty of water and avoid soda pop.

  9. Nicole said :

    Cut you calories in half!! DO NOT DRINK POP OR COFFEE!! Most people do not realize that we drink most of our daily calories on pop and coffee actually prevents you from loosing weight!! Do crunches right before bed time until you can not do them any more! Do cardio, it is the fastest way way to loose weight!! Running is a good one!

  10. m0echtegern said :

    Pilates and cardio. I have a 20-minute Pilates DVD that works wonders.

  11. Ace said :

    You will not lose stomach fat until you start taking in less calories than you burn. You can do crunches until the cows come home, but you will just have a layer of muscle under a layer of fat.

    Change your diet up some.

    Yahoo has the “Life” section on the front page ( Find some tasty, nutritious recipes there and substitute them or something similar for whatever you are eating now.

    Eat smaller portions, but more often.

    Eat slower so your body knows when it’s full when it is actually full and not when you have already gotten past that point, but your body hasn’t registered yet.

    Exercise is good, but it goes hand in hand with diet.

    Sites like will tell you the amount of caolries of the food you take each day if you want hard numbers to go by.

    Good luck!


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