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how can i lose belly fat and back fat fast?

i only have fat in my stomach area and i have back fat i want to lose it fast i dont want to buy products i just want to know the right way to lose it.

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3 Responses to “how can i lose belly fat and back fat fast?”

  1. D Butterfly said:

    sit ups in the morning, sit ups in the evening…..sit ups at supper time! (that’s a little song by the way..I just added the words ‘sit ups’) and twist from side to side….also try to pull your stomach in while walking around and sitting down….and drink lots of water and stop eating fatty stuff.

  2. Fitness Guy said:

    Ideally, if you can get hold of resistance bands, you can do tons of exercises to tone up your back so it doesn’t feel flabby anymore. An example of one is to put the band round a pole and hold on to both ends. Now, you want to try mimicking rowing in a boat and feel that pull between your shoulder blades then you know you are working on your back. Do that 3 x 15 times everyday.

    For your abs, you can’t beat cardio work to burn the fat from that area – skipping, running, cycling are all good. And then crunches, reverse crunches and also try The Plank

  3. lottie22 said:

    to be honest im trying to do the same thing—-you need to do plenty of exercise! also drinbk plenty of water—aim for 1-2 litres a day! it works although you will need to go to the toilet a lot! it flushes out all of the waste and toxins! also plenty of fruit and veg! sit-ups- if you have never done this before then do 30 the first time the 2nd 2 sets of twenty—build up! and running- dont overdo this on your first run! take your time and do a few more mins each time you have a run! it wont happen overnight—im aiming for september time!(need a bikini body) the running will work with a combination with a bit of healthy eating! dont overdo eating sweets or chocolate or have 3 chippies a wk—i wazs terrible….just increase exercise and good foods! it will work and you will feel fitter and healthier- hope this helps a bit xxx


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