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How do i lose stomach fat fast?

Im 12 and weigh 176 🙁 its mostly my stomach i run 2 miles a day and i dont lose anything i watch what i eat ( only salad no dressing) what else can i do?
No pills or surgerys

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4 Responses to “How do i lose stomach fat fast?”

  1. nick murphy said:

    Go to KFC and buy a bucket of chicken and get a whopper at burger king. it should help get rid of the fat if u stuff it all in at once. all the stuff will come rushing out. true story… i lost 150 pounds doing that

  2. Igor Lebedev said:

    Well Running is actually not enough, improving your cardio and loosing fat compliment each other, however you need to do specific exercises to loose the stomach fat. You should try search on google for that, there you will find some tutorials. You can do side ups, crunches and so on.

    Another option is eating fat burning food suc as lemons, grapefruits, and other foods , which break up the fat tisssue

  3. andrew nigro said:

    GIve it time. Results don’t happen over night. Besides, you are 12 and still growing.

  4. xpi:^) said:

    this is how the body work like this. when your eating the same cal your body don’t gain Weight or lose weight. but if you eat more you tell your body you need to get bigger because your put more thing in it.
    lose weight, you eat less than you normally eat your body figure you put less in. so your weight drop
    don’t eat so less you, or you might get sick. so eat a litter less.:))


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