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How do I tell her to lose some weight?

My girlfriend is perfect in every way to me, except for her weight. I’m not a picky guy when it comes to a curvy girl just as long as they’re all in the right place. She has double D’s but no butt. How can some of this weight shes packed on since we started dating go to her butt, and away from her gut shes slowly getting?

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19 Responses to “How do I tell her to lose some weight?”

  1. ~KaRoLa~ said :

    say go to the gym.

  2. karina said :

    just tell her to work out and sorry but she can’t redirect her fat to her butt.

  3. Geeツ said :

    Don’t take her out to eat and don’t eat when you’re around her. When you hang out do things that will give her exercise, like wii fit or something.

    lmao XD

    all the fats chicks on here are gonna yell at you…

  4. Hitch hiker said :

    buy her a huge bikini…really huge

  5. nittlion24 said :

    Um. You don’t tell her. That would be such a rude and insensitive thing to do. You don’t think she’s noticed she’s gained some weight and berates herself enough for it? Oh, and then to add on to that, her boyfriend (who she THINKS loves her for who she is) comes up to her and tells her she’s not good enough for him. If you can’t be a man and love her for who she is, you don’t deserve her.

    Oh…and by the way…I’m not fat..just caring about other people’s feelings. =) (to the poster above)

  6. Nicola.R said :

    Because she is an inverted triangle. Their weight is gained in their torso. Stop dwelling on her ‘gut’. If your that bothered about it go to the gym together. Run around the block together. Just do it together so it makes her feel like your thinking shes fat. :S

  7. Antithesis said :

    Maybe you could suggest that you both try to get fit together. Take her running and cook her healthy meals.

  8. cjtalley22000 said :

    Don’t say anything. Unless you want her criticizing all your flaws. Her weight is none of your business, unless and until it in some way interferes with your feelings for her. As it is, quit hyper analyzing her weight and do something to better yourself.

  9. MJ said :

    It would be extremely hurtful to her to flat out tell her she’s fat. Try suggesting the two of you go running, or bike riding together, or offer to cook and make a low-cal dinner. Hopefully you’re not the type of guy that is so shallow that he’d dump a girl because she gained a little weight…

  10. keezymama said :

    Pig – where fat lands is based on genetics and can not be changed because some shallow little boy wants her to have a bigger butt – either you like her for who she is or you set her free.

  11. spice-or-nice said :

    well if i were u i probably would just love her.I mean,take it from a woman,we do not want our man’s to call us fat.That’s Just rude .if i were u i’ll just love her.don’t tell her u think she’s fat that just mean.Try your best to tell her that she needs to go on a diet or Jenny Craig or something.But do not tell her that she’s fat.

  12. Baloneyus_Monk said :

    I’m really fat, but I am not gonna yell at you . Why should I? We all have our natural preferences.

    Hubby and I are eating low-carb now. I lost 65 lbs and he lost 48 so far.

    Do it with her even if you aren’t fat. The health benefits are astounding. Hubby has diabetes and he GOT OFF INSULIN (under doctor’s care, of course) and onto the pills in a short time.

  13. Camille-ster said :

    How do we tell you “YOU ARE SHALLOW!!!!!!!”

  14. rupam95 said :

    try to play a game that involves running and jumping, but the best thing would be to go swimming and have a race between you two!$! ( if she sweats a lot then i means that she’s losing weight)!$!

  15. Ingrid F said :

    Tell her that it’s not good to live like that and go to the gym if she is your bff your just trying to make her life last.

  16. sad said :

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  17. sunnidhi10 said :

    i think it wouldnt be right to go up to ehr and say lose some weight. i think she might take that in a wrong way. i think u should tell her shes beautiful in everyway and keep complimenting her about her looks beyond belief. then shes gonna wonder “hey am i really that pretty??” and then she’ll realize that her boobs are too big and she has to lose them.

  18. D S said :

    Her body is going to fill out and slim down in the area her body wants it to. you can’t redirect fat.

    Although I wish you could, that would be absoluetely awesome!

  19. email_chelle said :

    Unfortunately outside of “butt implants” or fat injections, there’s not much you can do to make her “gluteus” more “maximus”.

    However, she can firm and tone the rear area (her cheeks will appear more rounded and lifted) and that’s by targeted exercise (look them up in a search engine).

    There’s no way to redistribute the fat from one area to another (without surgery)…so, why not encourage your girl to take on a more active lifestyle in order to burn off the excess weight (while lowering her caloric intake).

    I suggest you “lead by example” – I mean a relationship is a partnership so don’t just tell her what she “should” do…you be a participant also.

    This doesn’t mean you hit the gym 24/7, in fact you can start of by doing simple ‘non-excercise’ excercise like cycling, hiking, taking daily walks around your neighborhood, learning to swim, trying your hand at tennis, dancing (and yes, even sex) – make it fun, creative couple-stuff.

    If you make the excercise seem like less of a workout, she’ll be inclined to stick with it.


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