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What is a quick way to lose weight from hips?

i am struggling to lose weight from my hips. i started gaining weight on my hips when i was 12 but i haven’t been able to get rid of it. can any one help me with ideas on how to reduce the size of them please.

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5 Responses to “What is a quick way to lose weight from hips?”

  1. Mani said :

    ppl always try for the location specific weight loss but u cant do it totally.

    healthy food and excercise.

    side crunches side arm lifts help me on my sides though

  2. Joy Q said :

    poor u! well… i fink dat the best way is to always be healthy=3 but if u r already full after eating don’t eat any more deal?

  3. Catherine F said :

    just seen ad add 4 a website there!……….hope it helps!!(by the way it’s not a joke i’m not trying 2 be cruel i really did just see that add….not tryin to make out your an idiot)promise…

  4. personal trainer said :

    the only way to loose weight from a specific spot is through surgery. The body’s fat burning mechanism is not designed for spot-reduction. The best way to deal with you problem is to firstly clean out your diet and base it on lean proteins, slow burning carbohydrates on low calorie fibrous foods, eating small portions every 3to4 hours.This structure in you diet will boost up your metabolism and stabilize your blood sugar level and by so doing your body will be less able to store loads of fat to its prefers spot ie. your hips. Secondly you need an effective exercise programme (both cardiovascular and resistance training).

  5. Ellen A said :

    Eliptical really works those thighs…it takes about 4-6 weeks to definitely see the tone…but it’s worth it! Really consider a whole line of recordings my friends and I are using. It covers drinking more water, eating half portions, getting rid of the sugar addiction AND craving exercise. The company is called Independent Achievement and then there’s a fantastic workout program called P90X from a company called Keep it up…it’s worth it.


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