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How can i lose weight from my thighs?

I HATE my thighs. They are absolutely huge, and clothes shopping is a depressing experience for me because the clothes are all cut for women with thin thighs, and long legs. I fit into a size 12 (just) but they’re always about 5 inches too long, and too loose across my stomach. I just look ridiculous.

How can i lose weight from my thighs? Are there any good exercises? I’m crap at workout regimes, so i need a simple exercise that will really help me to loose the weight quickly. I like to be able to feel that i’m making some kind of difference.

I know there are a lot of exercises that obviously work on the legs, but i’m scared of building muscle rather than losing it- help!


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5 Responses to “How can i lose weight from my thighs?”

  1. braedon B said :

    go to
    go to the leg exercises or manual exercises tab and you should find a lot of exercises you can preform that will help you lose weight in a certain area.

  2. John J said :

    I’m not big on exercise either. But we got a stationary exercise bike a couple months ago and it is really nice to ride in the living room. You can still watch tv or listen to music in the comfort of your own home. Our bike has a monitor that shows the miles you rode, time elapsed etc. And I definitely can feel it in my thighs when i’m done riding so I think either an exercise bike or a regular bike would be your best way to go. And you can also set how much resistance you have on the bike so it won’t build the muscle up too much unless you really set it high and work out alot.

  3. Dimples said :

    It’s really difficult to change your proportions if that is just how you are built. You can’t really isolate where you lose fat from because the distribution of fat cells is genetic, You can either lose weight all over, build muscle in counter areas or I’m afraid liposuction. My friend worked hard and saved up for lipo on the thighs (she is very short) and she was extremely pleased with the results, she would never wear jeans before but she does now.

  4. Pjizzle said :

    Try lunges or squats,building muscle is a good thing it helps burn fat.Your a girl so it’s not like your gonna have buff legs or anything.
    I’m 5,3 and a size 12 also,try American Eagle jeans they always seem to fit me in all the right places and they run in Short so that’s a plus.

  5. Artman said :

    You can’t lose weight on specific areas, it doesn’t work like that. You can make your legs stronger by exercise but all you will get is strong muscles under the all the fat.

    You need to lose weight in general. If you are bad at exercise then diet int the way to go.

    Diet doesn’t mean starve hungry but to eat healthy; cut the sodas (I lost 10 pounds by just cutting soda) and fast food (avoid fried or sugary junk food) . Eat fruit and vegetable, fish, poultry. Some walking might help too since is an easy way to exercise.


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