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How do you lose weight from your thighs ?

I want to lose some weight from my thighs, but whenever I lose weight I lose it from my stomache and not my thighs. What can I do to lose weight from my thighs?

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6 Responses to “How do you lose weight from your thighs ?”

  1. Damian said :

    nothing keep it im sure it looks good on u 🙂

  2. FTW said :

    the BEST thing to do is run up and down the stairs.
    trust me, you will see a difference!

  3. slyC said :

    its impossible to reduce fat in one area, but you can tone so that it looks tighter and less flabby. your things take a while to go down, aim for a healthy weight, thighs aren’t all that bad!

  4. <3 said :

    do you have cellulite? that causes fat in thighs and arms, to get rid of it try drinking plently of water and do plently of running

  5. yaya said :

    I have the same problem…Usually when I run and do squats a lose the fat, but if you play a sport like field hockey or something that involves a lot of running your thighs will tend to be larger. Good luck!!

  6. Ricardo said :

    Start doing cardio on the treadmill and start doing more leg exercises like squats and lunges


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