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what is a fast way to lose this fat?

ok i have a bit of fat around the inner upper part of my thighs, what is a very fast (or just fast) way to get rid of it? also, i have some fat around the inner part of my thigh that is one the lower part of it. and sorry i’m not very good at describing it, but it is the part where it is right before it starts being your groin. and the other part in the inner part of my leg above my knee. hope that helps a bit. oh! and i’m a girl.

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3 Responses to “what is a fast way to lose this fat?”

  1. mrpoolman said :

    get a knife.

  2. musicwiz757 said :

    That reminds me of myself :). I’ve been doing ballet for the past 11 years and so usually I have to keep myself in good shape in order to dance (well). But lately I got kind of lazy and needed to get back into shape by the end of summer because we were going to have a performance before school started. Anyway, so what I did was every night for about two weeks I ran 1-2 miles (this is just one lap around part of my neighborhood), and I ate good and satisfying meals (not too much and not too little fat).
    Here’s an example of what I would eat one day:
    breakfast- a bowl of cereal, small bowl of fruit, water or milk
    lunch- a bowl of soup, ham/lettuce/light mayo/tomatoe/cheese sandwich, water
    dinner- salad, soup/or pasta, water
    snack- crackers or pretzels
    Also, try to cut down on the pasta because it has a lot of carbs.
    Running with a friend who lives next door was even more fun because whenever one person started to slow down, we would encourage each other to speed up. An important change that I made over the summer was to eat a good breakfast. Pay attention to how many calories you consume so that way you know how to control your energy taken in/energy burned cycle. However, be careful that you don’t make it so that you burn all of the calories that you consume, the goal is to lose weight, not to starve yourself and get really sick.
    By the way, a helpful little fact that I discovered was that whether you walk or run, doing 1 mile = burning 100 calories. That is of course, unless you’re running up a slope because then you’re burning more calories.
    Hope you reach your goal and good luck! 😀

    P.S. running a lot and wearing stockings (i know wearing stockings is a little weird but believe me! it really does somehow help) helps slim down thighs

  3. Matt said :

    The best way to get rid of fat fast is cardio. To target your legs lunges are the best way thin them out, but do not use any weight. If you use weight it will build muscle, making them bigger. So cardio for an hour a day and as many lunges as you can fit in your schedule. This will be the fastest way to lose fat in your legs.

    Do not take pills. Those are a huge waste of your money. Almost all the diet pills advertised say “take these and with proper diet and exercise…” Vitamins are good, diet pills bad.


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