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What is a best way to lose my fat quickly?

I am a 14 year old and I weigh 90 pounds but every other girl in my grade weighs like 75 pounds:( I have never had a boyfriend in my life and im really cute!!!! ANY IDEAS???????PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

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9 Responses to “What is a best way to lose my fat quickly?”

  1. la buena bruja said :

    Get off this site you anorexic fool.

  2. puru s said :


    They may have some idea.

    I’m also looking for it.

  3. mohammed said :

    if you really want to lose your fat quickly don’t worry.exercise daily with some hard workouts,drink fresh jucies.if you want more details visit the below website.

  4. Vanessa B said :

    OMG you DONT need to lose weight girl, look at yourself you’re perfect, but if you’re seriouse about losing wait, think of all the crap you eat in a day and than half it.

  5. millan said :

    if u are 14year then do lot of exercise , eat less…think about getting your dream boy that u want, do it for him….

  6. Johnny R said :

    FIRST AND FOREMOST, Do NOT regulate your size according to not having a boyfriend. It is more likely that the other girls are just a bit loose. Boys are drawn to that like moths to a bug light. You don’t want to go that way.
    YOUR answer is intake. I don’t mean starving or even a diet, you are way to young for that. Stay away from sugar and sweets. that is a killer. Try to eat alot of fruits and veggies, and light meats. Baked chicken or tuna are good options. I know it doesn’t sound fun, BUT if you DESIGN you meals or what you eat now, you will conquer the dating world in the future. Don’t cheat yourself with fad diets, you are worth so much more.

  7. Mz_Nessa said :

    Do you want to lose weight to look like your friends or to get a boyfriend? Either way if you are not doing it for you than it’s bad. You are only 14, why do you need a boyfriend now? I know your mother would not support that. Secondly, you are only 15 lbs heavier than other girls. You can easily lose that by joining a sport at you school such as tennis, track, or vollyball.

    Please do not start off your precious life with these ridiculous ideas of trying to be accepted in a social group, you are only going to hurt yourself at the end.

  8. Julie said :

    Just because they weigh less than you doesn’t meen they are prittier or are even skinnier. Weight often depends on height. For example if these other girls all weigh 75 lbs and are all 5 foot, where as you weigh 90 lbs and are 5’6 (tall for your age but still) then you will weigh more but may actually be skinnier.
    Dieting at your age can be really dangerous. If you are undereating you have the chance of seriously weakening your bone structure which could cause bad problems later on. There are some things you can do which is healthy and may cause you to ose weight (the reason i say may is because at the age of 14 you should stil be growing).

    1. Drink lots of water. About 1/2 of your body weight in oz. In your case, 45-60 oz of water a day. That will cause you to lose weight because you will consume less calories and have more energy.

    2. Excersize often. The best exceriszes to burn fat is interval sprints (like run for 3 min then jog for 5) do this for half an hour with a 5 min warm up and cool down. At your age it should be easy.

    3. Eat low calorie food.

    4. Cut down on sweets and junk food.

    5. eliminate soda(it causes you to crave sugar).

    6. EAT VEGGIES (and fruits). this is SUPER important. Not only should you be eating these to get your necessary nutrients but also they are lower in calories than other foods. These nutrients are good for people your age, because it will have you stay healthy.

    7. DON’T cut carbs, meat or any food group completly(you can cut down on fats but some fats like olive oil and nuts are good for your skin and hair). Cutting carbs at your age is very dangerous and is not recomended. It will set you up for health problems down the road.

    8. Laugh and have fun. Laughing strengthens your core, and when you are not stressed out then you are usually healthy. Stressed people gain more weight just from the stress alone. Shopping also burns calories and so does tring on cloaths.(you don’t even have to buy anything but walking around a mal and trink on cloaths will burn a lot of calories). Having fun is the best way to get skinny.Stop focusing on the fact that you “feel chubby” and focus on being active and having fun. This will help you in life and will give you the confidence to get any boyfriend you want.

    9. Play a sport. I know it sounds dumb and a little anoying but playing a sport like soccer, volleyball, baseball, tennis or rugby in the park with your friends or on a club team will burn a lot of calories. And because you are having fun (and not stressed), you will lose more weight and be healthy. I don’t know about you but when i spend every day on the treadmill I feel like a hamster.This beats a fad diet and non stop cardio and day(which could wind up with you having joint problems at the age of 25).You also don’t “feel the burn” as much when you are excersizing with a groupand this make excersizing fun. Plus it will show that boy that you know how to have fun and can hang out on his level.

    Good luck!

  9. Larry W said :

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