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What can i do to lose weight or get a flatter stomach?

Im 14 years old and i weigh around 132 pounds, sometimes 127?
And my stomach isnt the flattest,
i have a cute figure but i need to look alittle weight off my belly,
what are some easy, ways i can lose weight off my stomach and tone it up?

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8 Responses to “What can i do to lose weight or get a flatter stomach?”

  1. sw33tdr3am said :

    stomach exercises… crunches?
    okay I am not sure of my spelling though!!

  2. VincentC said :

    eat small healthy lean meals every now and then like a snack. then exercise, jog, cardio anything to burn that fat. You can also do workouts that tone up your abs / stomache.

  3. scodrinon said :

    Working out and diet should do :). Easy ways got you at 132 pounds!

  4. Sarah said :

    Its almost impossible to target weight loss in a specific area. You can diet and exercise and notice your face, and butt look better but no change in your stomach. It is up to your genetics and body’s physiology and the way we carry weight is different from person to person.

    However you can improve your overall shape with diet and exercise. Toning up is a great way to see improvement. Try working on your core muscles. there are countless exercise that focus on your core which will help improve the strength and tone in your abdominal area.

  5. Kristina said :

    CHECK THIS OUT !!! has lots of stuff how you can lose weight lots of helpful tips and so on BUT!!!!! you will actually need to write that LINK in.. not!!! click on the link!!!! have fun and good luck….
    This helped lots of people including me… Victoria secret girls all doing this to lose weight fast before all of there shows best part this is all free just check it out and read it… Good luck again

  6. Catlover10 said :

    A really fun way to lose weight and tone the abs is to use a fitness ball otherwise known as a stability ball. They only cost around £ 10 (a little more if you want a non-burst high quality gym ball) but they’re great for ab exercises and can be used as a chair for anyone with back pain – they force you to “sit up straight” as you have to stop the ball moving!

    See the article below for more information

  7. Rejj said :

    Cardio exercises helps to speed up your fat loss, cardio exercises in the morning will help to burn more fat…

    Drinking water throughout the day will ensure proper and consistent hydration, help to digest food, increase metabolism and burn fat. Try incorporating healthy fat burning foods into your diet and regular meal plans

    You can only get a flat stomach with a sensible diet and exercise. Do weight resistance exercise to boost your metabolism and burn fat. Do high intensity cardio to burn fat.

    I posted a link with tips on how to get flat stomach below that’s worth checking out.

    Good luck 🙂

  8. Johnny Stewart said :

    Hi..Katie cute!!!.. 🙂
    Losing weight really takes time and patience but you can start losing your weight by performing not hard exercises.. I mean heavy exercise.
    you can do jogging and sit ups..that’s is better.,.


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