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What are the results of the shot for stopping smoking?

There have been a lot of commercials for the “stop smoking clinic” with an 86% success rate. Any of you ever tried the shot to quit?

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3 Responses to “What are the results of the shot for stopping smoking?”

  1. nascarfan2438 said :

    depends on the severity of your addiction. but worth looking into.

  2. laraslove2004 said :

    stop slowly like lessen by 1-2 sticks per day…

  3. Lissacal said :

    Here is a newspaper article that claims a stop smoking shot is successful:
    The drugs do make you drowsy, so you’ll need a ride home – but the shot claims to have a 70 percent success rate after six months.

    I guess if you have the cash, it certainly is worth a try. Anything that might help is worth trying! Good luck to you.


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