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what are the benefits of stopping smoking?

I’ve been a smoker for nearly 30yrs
Is there any benefit to me by stopping smoking – or is it too late to do me any real good

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4 Responses to “what are the benefits of stopping smoking?”

  1. shemayramble said :

    Yes of course! Your teeth will have less of a chance of degrading and you can get them whitened and they will not continue to get yellow. Your chances of cancers will not increase through the years anymore. It will be very beneficial to your health to stop now. My grandfather smoked for nearly 70 years and did not get cancer until he had been smoking for 50 or 60 years! If he had stopped after 30 years he could have lived much longer and definitely healthier.

    Good luck. Try chewing gum when you get a craving; find the flavor you like the best. Follow a health regime. Some men take up going to a gym when they want to smoke because it also blows off the stress which is the main reason people smoke.

  2. gla46 said :

    Well it will save you money for a start but will lower your blood pressure in a short time so it’s well worth giving it a try.

  3. Pommac said :

    The remainder of your lung capacity.

  4. Stevey said :

    never too late bud.

    Lung cancer is around the corner if u keep smoking


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