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what are the benefits of stopping smoking on your skin?

i have quit… was surprisingly easy although i was only smoking about 4/5 fags per day for 3 years(none on the weekend) would this be enough to make my skin look bad? or would heavy smokers be the only ones at risk?

and how does the skin improve itself? would dark eyes go? i know the skin gets rosier


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4 Responses to “what are the benefits of stopping smoking on your skin?”

  1. ghost51 said :

    Your skin should take on a healthier tone. The color should improve and should retain moisture better, which means less wrinkles. Over time, smokers’ skin tends to dry out and look like parchment. It also wrinkles a great deal more, making them look older than they are. Not only will you look better, but you should start feeling better also. has a lot of info on smoking and quitting smoking.

  2. Dorian V said :

    after a majority of the chemicals leave your system, you skin will look healthier in colour and probably become less fragile.

    if you look at people who smoke a lot, after a certain amount of time they begin to look older and their skin looks really thin and wrinkly.

    quitting cigs is a very healthy option, but if you plan to continue smoking, I would suggest to use herbal tobacco rather than prepackaged cigarettes, which tend to contain many more harmful chemicals.

    also, note that a vaporizer is the safest smoking device on account that it produces very little to no harm to your body (you are inhaling a gas, not a smoke).

  3. Christ said :

    Smoking reduces the amount of blood flowing to the skin and dries it out. Over time, this means it loses elasticity and gets more wrinkled.

    Stopping smoking can have positive effects on your skin. You will improve your skin tone and colour. You’re less likely to get wrinkles round your eyes and mouth from squinting when smoke gets in your eyes, and puckering up when you draw on a cigarette.

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