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What are the benefits of Stopping smoking marijuana?

I have been smoking pot every day for about ten years. Part of the reason is that it helps with symptoms I have from having my colon removed a few years ago (such as diahrea). I want to stop smoking because I think the pot may be interrupting my ability to concentrate during the day, even when I’m not high, or don’t feel high. But then again I wasn’t good at concentrating even before I started smoking pot. So I’m not sure stopping will help with that.

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3 Responses to “What are the benefits of Stopping smoking marijuana?”

  1. bradnmich2003 said :

    My husband and I have been smoking pot for about the same time you have. We have also thought about quitting but not too sure if it will make us better or not. Honestly, it cuts back on our smoking cigarettes and drinking so, I think we will keep smoking pot. We enjoy it socially and responsibly. If we stop, I think we will probably be “not so nice people”…LOL Enjoy!

  2. freespirit said :

    It does effect concentration and memory. I have smoked and I have quit back and forth for more years than I care to mention but I know it definitely makes your focus and memory very poor. I really noticed after a stint of not smoking, I started again and it was like “instant idiot”. It was one of the reasons I quit. I got tired of feeling dumb and not remembering things I was supposed to do. Good Luck.

  3. Pink Boy said :

    Quit smoking…. that’s a silly idea. You should smoke more if anything, when I am high it puts me in the zone.


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