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Were you overweight and lost a huge amount of weight?

I would like to know how was your workout schedule, how much you lost and in what amount of time. I am trying to lose weight myself and i am in the process but i need to know what worked for you. I will appreciate any help, tips or advice you can give me. Thank you in advance.

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4 Responses to “Were you overweight and lost a huge amount of weight?”

  1. Armatage said :

    I did, and it was about 50% diet and exercise (Calorie Shifting method and Walking/Lifting) and 50% inspiration. I’m an ex-marine and one day I looked at myself and I was about 50 pounds overweight from college and getting fat – then I knew that it had to end.

    I did 2 days of lemon detox, then I hit the gym, diet, and never ate after 7PM – and boom, I lost 54 pounds in 5 months. Then I could see my abs again! I’m still Calorie Shifting and I’m at 204, solid muscle.

  2. ATOMickey said :

    I use to be really big like you could not even see my neck. All I did was cut down on my portions, if you think you can eat 2 cups of pasta make it 1, if you are still hungry add a 1/2cup more than 1/4 if you are still hungry. lose the salad dressings when eating salad, lose the condiments like ketchup, mayo, etc. And if you eat at McDonalds frequently order the grilled chicken salad, anything fried is just bad. Oh eat less and drink more WATER not soda. Now I look a lot better.

  3. ffrr said :

    I lost about 25kg/55lbs in a year. That’s probably not as much as some people would have lost, but it’s still a fair amount of weight!

    I exercised three times a week, with a mix of total body workouts, core strength routines and HIIT cardio. I changed my workouts every three months and had a full week off every 7 weeks for recovery.

    I have no doubt though that the weight I lost was due to simply paying attention to what I ate. However I never once starved myself. I used a calorie counter initially at the start of my plan and then came off it for six months completely, after training myself how to eat correctly. I started to use the counter again last October and I’m currently using it now as part of a hypertrophy (muscle building) phase. I actually lost the most weight in the shortest amount of time when I stopped eating meat and dairy foods and just stuck to fish, eggs and soy products (for my protein sources). I now eat a pesco-vegetarian based diet.

    I also study nutrition part time at undergraduate level which has helped with most of my choices towards what I eat.

  4. Carn D said :

    No cakes, no Pepsi, no steaks, have vegetables, walking fast 1 hour every morning, take a bath not shower make me 30 pounds a month.


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