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Very active person trying to loose weight?

I’m a cyclist and am out there lots. I eat twice a day, no red meat and just started yogurt daily. My body quickly reaches a plateau with everything I start, and then it’s not exercise anymore. Why is my body storing so much and how can I slim down?

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2 Responses to “Very active person trying to loose weight?”

  1. Friend said :

    Eat no more than 1000 calories a day for a week. See if that works.

    I was sick once and in the hospital for like 4 days without eating anything at all. I couldn’t even have water, but I did have an IV in. I lost over 5 pounds during those few days.

  2. })i({FzzyStckrs})i({ said :

    Do you tend to eat a lot of carbs like bread or cereal?

    Yes it is important to eat carbs but too many can be bad for weight gain. The reason why this happends is beause all carbs breakdown into sugars, which too much is not healthy. Cut some carbs out of your diet. If you are a vegitarian I may suggest you to eat a little more protien ( like peanutbutter or soya) instead of carbs. Protien will satisfy you while carbs you crave for more

    Best of luck! 🙂


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