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How important is dieting while trying to loose weight?

im trying to loose 20-25 pounds. i work out and everything but when it comes to dieting, it just doesnt happen. and it doesnt help that my family buys really unhealthy food. i mean id love to eat healthy what should i do?

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4 Responses to “How important is dieting while trying to loose weight?”

  1. Luke said :

    To loose weight, you don’t necessarily need to diet, but to watch what you eat. the healthiest way to loose weight would be to burn more calories then you take in. this does not mean starve yourself, but work out regularly. try running. Good luck 😀

  2. Lilly said :

    well you tell them
    hey i feel over weight and i really want to lose it
    it would make me feel more confident
    so i think it would be a good change if we started eating more healthy

    i had the same prooblem when i was younger
    and to make up for my bad food behaviors i would exercize for hours each night
    so if you cant change them change your self
    ive tryed tones of diets
    i say drop the bread when eating pizza
    drop 1 peice of the bun when eating a hamburgure

    bread packs on the pounds

  3. Geypi said :

    it is impossible to loose weight without a diet that is a fact. However by diet i do not think about those unhealthy pills or too less food or eat only vegetables etc. All you need to do is eat healthy and have at least 4 meals a day. You should be having 5-6 but 4 is also good. And a tip: If you eat slowly you usually eat less food cause you stop being hungry much sooner. Don’t rush and eat fast. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. When it comes to meat i suggest meat that is not specially prepared. I Suggest white meat from the chicken and turkey. Also if you eat too less food you won’t loose weight but you WILL feel tired. If you already workout this shouldn’t be a problem. Oh and also… you MUST eat breakfast. Good luck even though i don’t really think you’ll need it. If you start eating healthy you’ll see results in a week.

  4. Antony said :

    You can Try acai berry…


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