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I’m trying to loose quiet alot of weight?

I know a woman should have 2000 calories a day, but if i decreased this to 1000 calories.. how quickly would I see a difference?
Also any tips on exercise to loose a bit of belly weight!

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3 Responses to “I’m trying to loose quiet alot of weight?”

  1. Bob said :

    You spelt quite wrong.

  2. The Truth is Easy said :

    FX 101 is the secret.

  3. Irina W said :

    Naomi, you could see a difference when you decrease your intake of calories. However, the difference does not happen over night. I have been on a diet trying to lose 20 pounds for a year. My metabolism is just slow and I sometimes don’t stick to my “diet” plans.
    Well, I know that aerobic exercises, such as running or swimming, increase your metabolism. Curl-ups, Push-ups, sit-ups can all help you with your belly weight. (Don’t worry, I have the same problem.) Just a little bit of advice in doing those exercises is you need to do them correctly and properly.


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