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I’m trying to loose weight, but my motivation fails by the early afternoon!?

I’ve been trying helplessly to lose some extra fat around my stomach and thighs, but everytime I attempt to eat right and exercise, my motivation ends after about 3:00. I eat REALLY unhealthfully because if I eat one chocolate I realize “Oh great, the whole diet thing for today is blown, might as well make the most of it!” and then I binge eat. I do it almost everyday and it is so frustrating!

So please! If anyone has any ideas how to get on the path to a healthy lifestyle and lose weight (easily and quickly) I would appreciate more than you know! It might even be enough to change my life forever!


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4 Responses to “I’m trying to loose weight, but my motivation fails by the early afternoon!?”

  1. Selchie21 said :

    I’m in the same boat. I have read that if you don’t allow yourself any room to make a mistake you’re more likely to make one. So it’s okay to have something small once in a while. Sometimes the more I think I can’t have something the more I want it. I also read that craving chocolate means you’re lacking in magnesium. So try that. If it’s just something sweet try fruits. But don’t beat yourself up over something small. Just tell yourself that you allowed yourself to have it and now and be happy with that.

  2. elaeblue said :

    You need something really yummy but still healthful to have at your 3 oclock slump- try a really creamy and good smoothie. Sip it slowly and enjoy every bit!! Hope that helps some. If the smoothie doesnt work try fruit and yogurt.

  3. Juno said :

    its okay to have one chocolate and still keep dieting and exercising…the food pyramid says that sweets and fats should be kept to a MINIMUM…doesnt mean that you blew it!!

    make yourself feel better by eating one piece of dark chocolate a day, since its good for you, but dont eat too much!!! and the next time you have a sweet tooth, try a piece of fruit…


  4. Mountain Bear said :

    Restrictive dieting never works; you either end up with an eating disorder if you have enough emotional issues attached to your restrictive eating or you fail becuase the more you restrict, the more it teaches the body to go into starvating mode, where in the metabolism slows down to conserve, thus you burn less calories, so then when you eat normally again, you can’t even burn the colories you could before, so you gain more weight.

    Take it from a former Anorexic starvation, restrictive dieting never works. Also quick fixes always end up causing more problems then they fix.

    If you really want to tone up, lose a little if really needed, you don’t restrict.

    Here are some things most people do not realize that will actually up your metabolism.

    Getting sun light first thing in the morning ups your metabolism if done regularly.

    Do not eat carb loaded meals. You need carbs, but carbs act in our body as a quick up, with a crash in sugar within an hour that causes us to be hungry agian. If you want a bowl of cereal for breakfast, then eat half the cereal and egg or some other lean meat or even an a half cup nuts to your cereal. The protein balances blood surgar so you don’t ahve the sugar crash, so you remain full longer and feel satisfied.

    Don’t say no sweats, just be aware of when you eat it; you eat them within an hour or two of bed time you actually lower your own metabolic rate so that those carlories can’t be burned.

    I only eat my sweats with a meal or when I know I’ll be going for a walk for 20 minutes. So if you want some icream or candy bar. Eat a meal that has at least 1/3 protein in the meal 1/3 fruits and vegies and 1/3 carbs. Then have a reasonable amount of treat soon as you are done with the meal.

    The metabolism slows down any time we sit for 30 more more minutes. So if you have to sit for school or other activities. Get up and do five minutes of active, rapid movement every thirty minutes if you can. If you are in school, then briskly walk between classes, don’t walk slowly. This will help you metabolism keep burning calories all day long while at school, instead of slowling down because you have to sit so much.

    One thing that helps burn calories is to avoid stimulent drinks. They set the body up to need more and more and they do not burn calories. Instead drink ice water every hours that you are awake; drink it slowly. It forces your body to burn calories in order to keep your body temperature where it should be.

    Also, water is one the biggest mistakes dieters make. They don’t drink enough. Don’t over do it, just eight, eight ounce glasses per day. That is the total liquid requirement for the human body per day; if you get hot or are exercising the need does go up. The colder the water is the better. Water is needed to kep the body function well; no other liquid can do things in the body that water can. If you sit around drinking colas, diet drinks, stimulent drinks all day long, your body will not have what it needs, that includes for weight loss.

    Last but not less. Toning up does require exercise. The areas you are saying you want to lose weight in, may not need weight loss, but toning. Doing Pilaties is the best way I know to create lean long muscles that tone and give a person a good figure. Lean long muscles also burn more calories then bulky muscles that are created by many other forms of exercise, including weight lifting.

    Doing just five minutes of brisk activity twenty minutes before bedtime will allow your body to burn calories as you sleep. If you tend to eat at night, getting up to eat. Dry eating a small handful of almonds, pecans or walnuts before you go to bed. It has both a complex carb in them and a high quality protein. This helps your Glucose, blood sugar, levels to stay level as you sleep, thus you’ll find after just a few days you don’t get hungry while you sleep and you crave less and less the high fat and high sugar foods.

    When you want to have something you know isn’t as good for you. Don’t say no, just have a smaller portion then you normally would and don’t go back for seconds.

    DON’T DIET, it’s nothing less then packaged failure.


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