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Trying to loose weight…?

OK Im 5 2 and 180 pounds. I have been doing a crap load of crunchs. I have been drinking more water then usual. I’m going to start jogging on a treadmill. How long should I run on it and how often to see results? Of corse I would like to see results rather quickly, is that possiable??

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2 Responses to “Trying to loose weight…?”

  1. jeno_roxxi said :

    actually u should walk on the treadmill for 30 min to and hour and try to go at least 3 km ( i don’t know how many miles) for every 15 mins.

  2. Aquafina said :

    Check this site out to see if you should be concerned with losing weight: It’s your BMI (ratio of your height to your weight), set by the government to the standards for Americans.

    The misconception is that if you barely eat anything AND work out, you’ll lose weight. It’s might be true, BUT very dangerous/harmful to the body system because if you don’t have enough energy to do the work out, then you’re going to wear your body out and pretty soon, you may end up in a hospital bed.

    What you should do is change your eating habit to a healthier one and start exercising (people tell you this over and over because it WORKS!).

    Disclaimer: I don’t recommend any diet to you or anyone, but I just wanted to share my experience. You should talk to your nutritionist/doctor before making any drastic changes to your body.

    What I did was I went on an “eating-only-corn-flakes” diet. xD I lost the weight really quickly (~25 lbs). After a 2-3 weeks of eating only corn flakes breakfast/lunch/dinner (NO snacks whatsoever), I went off the diet and started eating normal, and healthy foods, with A LOT of water and tons of fruits. I’m able to keep off the weight I’ve lost for ~6 years now. At summer camp, I’ve also went on a cereal-salad-and-skim milk “diet”. For breakfast, I would only eat grain cereal with skim milk and drink another glass. For lunch and dinner each day, I had only a salad and two glasses of skim milk per meal. Camp was only 5 days, but I lost a considerable amount of weight for my father to notice my weight loss. xD

    Currently, I’ve been exercising. I have an “air-stepper” at home, and I get on it for 15 minutes each day to get my cardio workout. I take my pulse at 5 min. intervals for 15 minutes to see if I’m improving. ^_^ Then, I get on my Total Gym and start working on my arms and legs (pulling, pushing, etc.). To tone my abs, I do 200 crunches; they are much easier than sit-ups. ^_^ Lastly, I do 100 of those “standing-up” crunches. I don’t know what to call them, but I saw it on Hip-Hop Abs. You can see a sample of it here:

    The lay down crunches and the standing up crunches that I do gave me the flat stomach I have now. ^____^ Very happy with the results. You can do as many as your body can tolerate for ONE day and feel your stomach flatter immediately afterwards (at least for me)! It’s incredible!

    If you do not have gym equipment, just jumping around and running place for 15-30 minutes will get you your cardio workout. Eat yogurt, fruits, and other health foods. Drink tons of water and your daily dosage of milk. ^_^

    Good luck! 😀


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