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I want to loose a lot of weight!!?

I’m 5 foot 7 and 115 lbs, but I want to get down to 110lbs by atleast march 19th, and get down to 100lbs by march 27th. how can i do this quickly? thanks.

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5 Responses to “I want to loose a lot of weight!!?”

  1. Kabob4life said :

    Try a juice healthy juice diet or some type of cleanse. Just make sure you are getting the needed nutrients and drinking tons of water. Good luck

    What’s with the thumbs down? That is the only way to lose weight. It takes work. What did this answer need…liposuction. BS!

  2. Mac man said :

    Eat less or go on a diet. Don’t stop eating like a lot of girls do just eat healthier and u will be fine. Try doing pull ups and sit-ups or go to a gym. U can also eat less calories

  3. Adriane said :

    Try not to eat any carbs at all. Eat only fruits and veggies. Drink only water. Also try not to eat anything to salty. Also try to run a minimum of 20 minutes everyday.

  4. Tiktaalik said :

    First, you’re underweight and you want to get even more underweight – and you want to do it quickly! This is absurd. The only way to make your body go even farther beneath a healthy weight is to starve yourself, so I guess the girl who suggested that you go on a starvation “cleanse” was on the right track. Are you willing to put up with hair loss, halitosis, acne, and muscular weakness so that you can look even skinnier than you already do?

  5. J said :

    eat about 1,500 calories a day and burn atleast half the calories you eat by exercising


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