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i want to loose some weight fairly quickly?

i know that i’m not actually very fat, i would just feel more comfortable.
i’m 14, 5’0″ and weigh about 108pounds. my ideal weight is 100, but i’d take anywhere from 95-102.
i dance about 15 hours a week, and so i have cardio and whatnot but i need some stuff i can do while at home (not running or outside activities though as it is winter now). i want to do this fast, but not so that i can’t maintain it. how many calories a day should i be having, and about how long will it take?

*no stupid things like dieting pills or starving myself please….

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2 Responses to “i want to loose some weight fairly quickly?”

  1. ray o said :

    you say “*no stupid things like dieting pills or starving myself please….” but you getting any skinnier is just that. you’re alreayd overexercising with your dance. let it alone-r

  2. thisbrit said :

    Nothing is going to work for a 14 year old person. You are a growing youngster and your BODY needs to grow at a normal pace.

    Your dancing is sufficient. As you get taller, AND YOU WILL, your body will need to be a bid heavier. You are just the weight that you should be.

    DO NOT SWEAT it. Skinny girls are unhealthy, and so are fat ones. but you sound EXCELLENT. And I bet you are a good dancer too.

    Stay where you are in your weight. OK??


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