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I need to loose some weight quickly?

Im bulimic and anorexic. Yes you can be both. Im also a nurse so dont tell me how wrong this is for me and my body. I dont care how unhealthy this is. I need to loose some weight fast. So give me all of your ideas and tips. I dont care how crazy or dangerous. Cause just throwing it up aint cutting it.Then I want to tone up so please help.

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5 Responses to “I need to loose some weight quickly?”

  1. Ben said :

    Hmmm…. a nurse who is anorexic and bulemic. And asking for crazy and dangerous ways to lose weight since starving yourself isn’t working fast enough. If you are asking a true question, you need professional help. You admit to having two serious mental illnesses. Nothing from this website is going to help you.

    I think that your question is fake and that you are trying to be a troll by posting fake questions to see what crazy responses you can get from people.

  2. Bongie said :

    Aren’t you slim already if you are anorexic?!

  3. LBOOGIE said :

    try a laxative or a enema

  4. blah B said :

    hmmm…maybe some speed…that should work 4 ya

  5. vova.kuchan said :
  6. yo116s said :


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