I am 13 and I want to loose more weight?

I am gaining a lot more quickly and I don’t want to get overweight or just chubby. I want to stay fit. How and what can I do to loose at least 1 pound a week?

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11 Responses to “I am 13 and I want to loose more weight?”

  1. theblitz6794 said:

    more sex

  2. John D said:

    watch what you eat and exercise 4 times a week

  3. Tiffany said:

    starve yourself

  4. John said:

    Ha, I am loosing 1 pound a week and its pissing me off. I need to loose more than that. So if you want to go by what I am doing right now to loose 1 pound, is drink 8 glasses of water, eat fruit and veggies, some meat, and make sure you eat when you first wake up. Exercise helps a great deal as well. Even if you can’t really get into a whole workout routine just do some sit-ups during a commercial, or some jumping jacks. If you do random exercises during the day when you have a few minutes it will go a long way. Also no sodas, no desserts, and don’t eat very late.

  5. alexxlanell1300719 said:

    Sex: bad idea
    Starving yourself: Worse idea.

    If you are 13 and gaining weight it is just you getting older and hitting puberty. Don’t try and loose weight until you are about 17. It could be really bad.

  6. ajblizz09 said:

    Watch what you eat. Eat more vegetables, try to exercise, and if possible try to get on a sports team. At the end of the week you should reward yourself with a treat like some ice cream or whatever you like! And the most important thing is is to be consistent.
    Hope I helped!

  7. Katie said:

    Just eat more fruit and veg and cut out unhealthy foods. However don’t completley cut them out. I’m 13 too and I’m currently on a diet and have been for 3 weeks now. I have a treat once a day that is under 100 calories and under 8g of fat. I usually have a Special K bar, Go Ahead bar or a can of diet coke. It is important that you have only one treat a day because depriving yourself of tasty foods will make you more inclined to quit your diet and give up quicker.
    I also exercise by going brisk walking with my mam 4/5 days a week for 30 mins and on the other days I use an exercise bike for 30 mins.
    I’ve lost 5lbs in 3 weeks so i’d highly recommend doing this.

  8. Austin L said:

    eat healthier, less oils. Join a sport that involves a lot of running: Soccer, Basketball (I dont recommend Football because of the roughness and lots of stopping after plays). Swimming is a good way loose weight. Before I was a fat-ass then after a summer of 2 hour soccer, 2 hour basketball, and 2 hour swimming; i lost almost all my chubbiness too.

  9. kefir man said:

    you can eat as much food as you like as long as you throw it all up when you finish eating… welcome to the world of trying to please others…. You’ll fit right in

  10. Chedvah said:

    Here’s four good ways to loose weight:

    1) Stop drinking sodas and sugar laced drinks (they contains hundreds of extra calories and are liquid evil). Drink only water.

    2) Eat veggies and other low calorie foods, only.

    3) And keep a food journal of everything you eat; that way you can keep tract of the amount of calories that you consume.

    4) Exercise 30+ minutes a day; 4 to 6 days a week.

  11. letsXcreateXchaos said:

    Watch what you are eating
    Lay off junk food and saturated fats.
    Looks at the labels of your foods.
    Exercises forty to forty five minutes a day.
    Your body holds on to food when you don’t eat reguraly
    So it can save it’s energy.
    Eat three times a daily plus two or one planned snacks.


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