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I want to loose weight?

i weigh 108lbs and i’m 5ft 1
i want to loose about 10 lbs
how can i do this relatively quickly but healthily?
i have an extremely slow metabolism aswell 🙁

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5 Responses to “I want to loose weight?”

  1. Martin said :

    Are you stupid? Your weight is more than fine for your height.

    If you were to drop 10 lbs then you’d be underweight. Women should only way 100 lbs or less when they’re under 5 ft in height.

  2. Hug a tree! said :

    Your weight now according to the weight chart should be about 106-140 so I think you should remain at the weight that you are at and if you are too unhappy then you might try toning the muscles that are making you look bigger. women are supposed to have curves.

  3. karinaam16 said :

    i agree you don’t need to lose weight i’m 5’1″ and i weigh 108 pounds too you’re probably confused with getting skinnier and looking leaner just work out and eat healthy

  4. Stephen J said :

    Sarah the best and healthiest way to loose weight is control your diet. Small regular portions and get lots of exercise. You really need both things for it to work. Drink lots of water too.

  5. campbell000 said :

    The tried and true method of losing weight the healthy way: Diet and excersise. NO, i do not mean you should go on a “diet”. I mean you should eat healthier. Eating healthier should not be a one time thing. It shuold be a lifestyle.

    For teens, the most effective way to get weight under control is excersise. If you have loads of free time(lucky!), you should alternate ebtween cardio and strewngth training every day. Cardio will help you lose fat, and the strength training will help you KEEP muscle, which is important for keeping your metabolism up.

    As per your diet, its pretty self explanatory: Dont just eat leaves and veggies all day. I recomend that you intake a low GI carb (Whole wheat stuff) a source of lean protein, and some type of vegtable or fruit at each meal. And of course, allow yourself to sanck 1-2 times a day, but dont go overboard.

    Doing this will help you increase your metabolism, and lose mostly fat.
    Good luck


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