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i want to loose weight but i don’t know how to start?

i want to loose weight. I would like to change the way i eat and what i eat permanently. i don’t want to go on some crash diet to loose weight quickly. Its more that i want a total life change. i don’t know how to start. should i go to a doctor? nutritionist? can anybody recommend a diet and exercise plan that has worked for them?

Also, (this might seem disgusting to some people) is my skin gonna be hanging if i loose a tremendous amount of weight. I don’t want to say how much i weight but i want to loose at least 100 pounds.

i know how i got overweight. Basically, im always eating out-fast food and other unhealthy food. i eat too much junk food. im addicted to soda. i don’t exercise. i eat when im not hungry(i dont know why).

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8 Responses to “i want to loose weight but i don’t know how to start?”

  1. Ineedanswers said :

    start sucking up on ur snatch then

  2. gotjesuschrist said :

    Go on the Atkins diet. try it for 3 days and you will guarantee get results….

  3. Cynthia said :

    Start with just one thing. The thing you eat the most of (ice cream or chips or milkshakes or sugar on your cereal) and stop eating that one thing for one week. You’ll be amazed how much weight you will lose by eliminating one thing at a time. Next week, do another, then another…and…this is the tricky part, replace eating that one thing with nothing (or celery if you must have something)…you’ll feel hungry for a little while, but the FEELING of being hungry burns calories. You can do it, one thing at a time.

  4. Jessica ? said :

    First of all, congrats on opting for a lifestyle change instead of some gimmick or fad diet like a lot of people are so inclined to do. One resource that I have found to be tremendously helpful is Its a free site and has tons of features to help you make a lifestyle change. If you join, look me up (cuchifrito.)

    The best way to ensure that you will not have to deal with loose, excess skin is to take the weight off slowly. You see a lot of gastric bypass patients with sagging skin because they lost the weight so fast their bodies didn’t have time to adjust. Also drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.

  5. .''BRIZ''. said :

    What you need to do is up your metabolism level. It is the best way in the world to loose weight and probably never gain it back again (that is if you stick to the plans). All you need to do quite simply is move slowly away from your old habits and start with these new ones. firstly keep a balanced diet and from there drink plentiful water (not soda) and eat plentiful fruit and vegetables. When you start to notice a difference in metabolism level. Stick to what you were doing and eating at the time. Also remember to keep a daily exercise pattern (but don’t over do it). And remember if you are eating and you are not hungry it is because you are keep busy and good luck :]
    I myself haven’t tried this myself because i am only twelve. But it has worked for one person i know who i am assuming is your weight about. But do trust me i may only be 12 but i know what i am talking about!

  6. cupcake8million said :

    the journey of a thousand miles starts with one footstep.

  7. DaKidFr3SH said :


  8. Jeff d said :

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