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Ive been a vegetarian for 5yrs almost six now im a vegan im trying to lose some weight?

but i eat alot of bread and things with carbs what other things can i eat and lose weight and be healthy???

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7 Responses to “Ive been a vegetarian for 5yrs almost six now im a vegan im trying to lose some weight?”

  1. Loose Cannon said :

    you need to cheat and eat a hamburger or ten.

  2. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    You can’t just live on fruit and vegetables so you must eat bread, cereals and pasta as well. Nuts are fattening so perhaps you need to go easy on the nuts unless you are doing that already.

    Perhaps you could try consuming most of your calories early in the day as you burn them up with most of the day ahead of you. Dinner calories are more fattening than breakfast calories so smaller dinners would help. Supper is a definite no as supper calories are the most fattening of all as you burn up very few calories in your sleep.

    What you must steer clear of is fattening food such as desserts, cakes, cookies and biscuits that are loaded with white sugar or table sugar.

  3. Jennifer W said :

    only eat breakfast, dinner and tea
    no snacking
    then eat things from all food groups but cut down on fat,sugar and salt

  4. La Vie Boheme said :

    Weight loss happens when you reduce your calorie intake. Simply reduce your bread intake and eat more veggies and do at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

  5. Remmie said :

    As long as you are eating “healthy” carbs you are fine. Stay away from refined carbs. Also, stay away from “fake meat” and “fake cheeses” – those are loaded with fat and isolated/concentrated soy protein. BAD!

    Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s good for you, weight wise. I eat tons of breads, potatoes and pasta and I’m at a very healthy weight. You just have to be smart about what you are choosing.

  6. Riley said :

    I’m a vegan too and I struggle with my weight. I am on a lot of medication and have an underactive thyroid so when I became a vegan I didn’t lose any weight. I think the we have a tendency to eat a lot of carbs as vegans. We need to make healthier choices. Try to stick to three healthy meals a day and then healthy snacks like fruits and veggies. Vegetarians eat a lot more than fruits and veggies. That is what meat eaters think we eat. Or when people tell us to just eat one or ten hamburgers. People don’t like when we do things differently from the way they do it. It makes them feel threatened and they question if what they are doing is right. I am proud to be a vegan even if I don’t lose a pound.

  7. Scocasso ! said :

    Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.
    Food is not your enemy, your lack of exercise is.


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