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Please help me.How can i loose weight?ive been trying so many methods but in vain.?

ive tried going to jogging each day ,eating less and not too late but i still got the problem of weight loss.Please help me if you know other method that will quickly help me.

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7 Responses to “Please help me.How can i loose weight?ive been trying so many methods but in vain.?”

  1. dwade123123 said :

    exercise for about 3 hours a day

  2. ♥ La Dolce Vita said :

    Eat fruits and vegetables EVERY DAY. No extra sugar, no extra fat. Lean meats, low fat dairy, and whole grains (the brown stuff). Easy. I don’t see how eating healthy is so damn complicated for most people. If you want to lose weight, you have to change your life style. You can’t just cut down on calories, eating slim fast for a month, and just because you lost 15 pounds, go back to eating unhealthy. Besides all that, it’s great you’re exercising and remember to keep that up for the rest of your life!

  3. DemonCridits said :

    Here somthing your going to hate since your a heth nut ,speed,minney thine pill are meth, its alful you seen the tv warnings there grose its not like that keeps you busy and that part of your mind block you fill no need for food only lots and lots of water and vitams i used to do it along time ago i lost 36 pounds in less then 2 moths by taking small doses like a pill at a time its that are excrss for the rest of you life you just have to have control I quit years ago but still am thin worked for me

  4. yayel03 said :

    how long have you been doing those things? weight loss takes time – lots of time. Exercising daily is a good place to start, and don’t necessarily eat less, just eat better. Try whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, and protein at every meal. Definately eat breakfast, and not something like a danish and coffee. Eat cereal or oatmeal or have some eggs. Eggs have a lot of protein in them and that helps to keep you from feeling hungry 2 hours down the road. Eat lean meats like chicken breast without skin or fish, not fatty hamburgers and fried chicken every day. Drinking water helps. But the biggest thing is exercising. Cardio and weight training. You need a good balance of the two. There are tons of workout books in stores, or just sign up at your local gym and ask the owner or someone who works there to show you around. They’ll show you how to work the equipment and should be able to give you some tips on a routine. Just keep with it. It’ll happen.

  5. activate said :

    Exercising 3 hours a day? Umm no, it willl release excess cortisol a day. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and may make your body want to hold onto extra fat and make you eat more.
    I suggest you to go for a morning jog, upon waking up. So your body use fat storage (mostly) to burn for fuel, instead of your glycogen (sugar). This is the best way to approach to lose fat if you a runner/jogger/etc.
    Depending on how much you weigh, you have to take notice on your calorie count. I weigh 200 and I work out, I aim to eat 2,200 to gain lean body mass, when I decide to lose weight for the summer, I try to get 2,000 for the 1st week and start cutting calories 100-200 each week.

    Remember if you do decide to jog in the morning, on empty stomach is to take a multi vit afterwards, to combat some degree of cortisol and free radicals.
    Working out or jogging above 2-3 hours straight is not something people should do, unless you are taking the correct supplementation. If you do decide to, take a look into anti-cortisol products (they also help you lose weight because they are able to shrink fat cells in the tum and bum).

  6. SimplyJustMe said :

    It all depends on how much you want to lose and if you have to lose anything at all. I know of skinny girls who try and lose weight and it doesn’t work because you don’t have to lose anything…it takes time and a lot of work! you have to eat small meals throughout the day and work out but you have to work out your entire body not just jogging…start off by walking and slowly progress that to jogging and carry weights they always help not only to burnmore fat but also build muscle! good luck!

  7. Ajegunle said :

    There is no quick fix to weight loss. you just need to persevere with a multi faceted approach in includes exercise, diet and enjoying your self at the same time.

    If you enjoy jogging, then continue. If possible change your jogging route to introduce some form of variety. Eating less is also a good idea but not at the expense of the nutrients your body needs to function at optimum level. In fact it is well known that lack of decent nutrition leads to fatigue which can lead to other issues. Also you do not want to head down the spiral of eating disorders. So focus on eating what you like in a reasonable manner. Obviously cut out the fats, sugar and salt and you are heading in the right direction.

    Another option that i can testify to is meal replacement strategy. I can recommend the Herbalife range of products because I use them and they work for me. they contain the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and protein that the body required for optimal performance


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