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How do I loose weight on my thighs? help plsss?

I want to do it quickly, even if I have the whole summer. ASAP
I need help now. I really want to loose this weight so I can look and feel the way I did before.
I really appreciate your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Responses to “How do I loose weight on my thighs? help plsss?”

  1. Sunidaze said :

    You do know you can’t spot train/reduce, right? You need an all around cario/strength training program. Maybe you should consult a personal trainer.

  2. Tarkan said :

    run….eliptical….and do squats and lunges..i had the same problem…its gotten so much better..

  3. Katie said :

    Squats squats and more squats… do it before you eat in the mornings so it burns fat quicker

  4. Ben J said :

    Regardless if it’s fat you’re trying to lose or need to get rid of muscle. Cardio and diet is the only way to go. Fact is it may just take time. Run, bike, eliptical will all help.

  5. Chris said :

    Spot training only works for muscles, hun. =)

    Run your ass off (literally!)

    Lots of cardio will shred those pounds off like nobody’s business.

    Weight lifting won’t do you much justice in losing weight, if any. Also, keep a healthy and balanced diet. Don’t rule out a food group, EVER, and stay away from fad diets.

    Try getting a physical trainer—or if you happen to live in Arizona by any chance, go to my brother’s Women’s Gym—Epiphany. =D


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