what’s a very healthy food that helps you to loose weight fast?

i want to loose weight fast. i want a food that contains no sugar, no fat or dairy in it and that has fiber in it. thanks to all who answer.
good idea irishzeby, maybe i’ll become a vegetarian
all great idea’s….except i don’t know how cereal is low in fat

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11 Responses to “what’s a very healthy food that helps you to loose weight fast?”

  1. Lt.Kali said:

    Yogurt with cracklin’ oat bran sprinkled on top.

    full of protien
    full of vitamins.
    you can get low and no fat.

  2. irishzeby said:


  3. kari994 said:

    most things that are not fried or grilled

  4. Noftz717 said:

    When you want to loose weight fast eat lowfat yogurt. It’s mainly wat you don’t eat that really counts. Orange juice is really healthy as well. Try googling it. I found many sites with good information! Hope this helps!

  5. skcs11 said:


  6. SexyTrojan said:


    Low calorie
    Low carb (not corn)
    Many nutrients

    Eat a colorful variety to make sure you get your nutrients.

  7. Chrise C said:
  8. Scott M said:

    eat alot of grapefruit

  9. charissa said:

    you may also try cereals

  10. Jennifer S said:

    Cabbage. I know it doesnt sound too great, but if you just boil some w/ salt and pepper its pretty good. It has little-no calories, and its pretty filling. Helps me when I feel so hungry but already had max. calories for my diet. Its a guilt-free food.

  11. JOHN F N said:

    There is an answer to your question. The answer is CINCH.
    CINCH had gotten a lot of good press lately in magazines. It is not sold in stores. To find it: http://www.cinchplan.com
    Some of my friends are using it and love it. If you want more info please email me


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