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This Baby Weight Is Kicking My Butt?

I just gave birth recently to my 2nd child, my son. he is now 3 months old. with my first child, i lost all my baby weight very quickly within a few months. and now this time around i’m struggling. I did gain a lot more weight with this last pregnancy than my first. and still have 40-50 pounds to loose. i Have not been eating much at all, and i have been going to the gym and running about 4 days a week. the weight is coming off so slowely. I’ve been lucky to maybe loose a pound a week. is it normal that this is taking so long, and being so hard the 2nd time around. I recently started taking those mega green t diet supplements to try to give my weight loss a boost. what do you think. All mothers out there, how long did it take you to loose the baby weight?

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2 Responses to “This Baby Weight Is Kicking My Butt?”

  1. Shannon Van zyl said :

    As you get older it is harder and longer to loose weight, just keep doing what you are doing and dont stress too much about it its only been 3 months. And seriously if you are loosing its a good thing i would worry when nothing is falling off. Not only that its centimeters that count and not weight.

  2. Jags said :

    Actually a pound or two a week loss is a fantastic result and the best way to lose weight! I know we all like seeing instant results when it comes to dropping weight but the way you are going about it is much safer and has a much better chance of staying off.


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