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how do i keep gaining this weight?

i am 15 years old. a girl. do gymnastics 15 hrs a week. and i used to eat really healthy and count just grams of fat. now i got into calories and i used to weigh 92 and now i weight 105.

i gained all that weight in like 3 months!!!. I weighed 103 on monday and two days later today (wednesday) i weigh 105! the heaviest i have ever been, i am only 5 foot as well. i NEED HEELLLP!!!!

to get me back on the right track. i want to get back down to the 92 or at least 95, but i need the engery for my practices too.

any ideas?? what i should eat?? how much calories, etc.?

a lot of people still say i am really skinny and shouldnt worry about it, but it is really bothering me. my jeans are tighter and my thigh touch when i stand and i hate it!! i want to loose this weight as quickly as possible so i can feel confident about myself and also do great in gymnsatics.

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One Response to “how do i keep gaining this weight?”

  1. Brittny P said :

    You can be retaining water try to stay away from salty foods that will retain water weight and make you weigh more and dont weigh youself everyday because if it is water weight it can take a few days to get rid of.


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