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How to loose the baby weight?

I am 3 months postpartum, my period is regular, I am loosing the inches very quickly even starting to fit into some preprgnancy loose……the ones that stretch a little, BUT the scale still show the same weight. I am getting fustrated, I eat right, exercise drink plenty of water and scale is not moving. WHY? When will the scale start showing. After pregnancy I was wearing size 22 now I am 14 but before pregnancy I was a 10. What’s fustrating is the scale won’t move.

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5 Responses to “How to loose the baby weight?”

  1. Alien said :


  2. Nanny Plum ♥ ᴿᴵᴾ ᴸᴹ ♥ said :

    Dont weigh yourself – the most important thing is that you eat healthy, you excercise (if your dr has ok’d that) and that you feel great… It doesnt matter what weight you are – as long as you look in the mirror and you are happy with yourself…

  3. Kittykatemmebot said :

    Are you nursing? That is how I lost my baby weight plus 10 more lbs. Otherwise, look at your workouts. Are they varied? Are you doing any weight training? Any interval training? If not, try changing your workout.

  4. Katie said :

    It could be that you are losing fat and gaining muscle equally since you are losing the inches but not pounds. That my dear is perfectly ok

  5. Mara said :

    3 months is not very long postpartum. believe me the weight will come off. just give it some time. i hate my postpartum body but i know that with time, healthy eating habits, and plenty of activity i’ll be back to normal if not better than before. i know plenty of women who took about a year to get back into their pre pregnancy jeans so you’re ahead of the game.


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