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I have started running/jogging but i don’t have any running shoes and i’m just wearing a pair of regular trainers. Problem is my ankles hurt after a while and i was wondering if it could be due to my footwear? Also are there any negative long term effects of running?

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10 Responses to “Running…?”

  1. rosie said :

    running is harsh on knees, ring your nearest athletics club and they will tell you the best runners to buy.

  2. Gemma T said :

    Yeah you need decent trainers to absorb the impact… it’s annoying but you have to spend the cash to minimize the damage to your limbs.

  3. kitkat said :

    Go to the sports shop and get them to advise you about more sturdier trainers designed for running. The only thing I can say is start with short distances and work your way up. Jogging is very good for you (the pounds will melt off and you’ll get nice and toned).

  4. lulu said :

    I ran/jogged for twenty five years, and am sorry to say, finished up with knackered knees.

    If you run on the balls of your feet you will need different shoes than running heel down first. Go to a sports outfitter, ask advice. By the way, my last trainers for running cost £150 – not a fashion pair.

  5. black_dahlia said :

    ai ai ai….
    No. 1 – get a good pair of running shoes a.s.a.p.

    you can damage your ankles, your ligaments, your joints…
    you can cause yourself permanent damage if you wear the wrong shoes…

    believe me, the more comfortable the shoes are for running, the more you enjoy the run.

    Asics do great trainers and specialize particularly in running shoes, check their website and they will explain the best about running and your position of your feet…
    Nike, Adidas, Puma are also good for running shoes…

    don’t damage your feet, get a good running gear

  6. D said :

    There are differnent types of shoe’s for differently contoured feet see these website’s for advice on being a new runner they also have links to what are the best shoes to wear.

  7. Carley said :

    You DEFINATELY need to get a pair of proper running shoes, even just a cheap pair- if not you risk numerous injuries! a normal pair will provide no support or cushioning. you may need a pair to stop you over/under pronating so you should go to a running shop & ask.
    sure running makes you tired & sometimes gives you niggles but the physical & mental benefits far outweigh any negative effects. its just great exercise!

  8. Gary C said :

    stretch your legs before & after each run its very important
    it stopped my knees hurting

  9. Bobby said :

    their are many negative long term affects of running. the worst one is it is very bad for your joints.

  10. robert m said :

    Get a good pair of shoes (better still two pairs and alternate).
    Benefits outweigh any risk (you can always get run over by a bus), but if you dont suit it (legs/ankles/knees problem etc) than try other more supportive sports like swimming, cycling or just take it slower. Over-training is the real problem not just running itself.


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