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Question about jogging, walking and fat loss?


I plan on doing 5 to 6 miles each day (I know that seems ambitious, but I’m really committed). My plan is to do a jog/run combo where I do a light jog for awhile and whenever I feel like it, I start walking, then start up jogging again, just based on when I feel tired or when I get another wind.

So, is this a good technique or am I basically just wasting my time? Would I be better off doing a full jog for less distance (in other words, jog say, 3 miles without walking)?

Thanks to you all for your input.

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12 Responses to “Question about jogging, walking and fat loss?”

  1. Melissa Loves Lip Glass said :

    to maintain weight you want to do at least 30 miutes of cardio 3-4 times a week, to lose weight youd want to do at least 45 minutes 3-4 times a day. and cut out carbs! that will help alot.

  2. Jax4all said :

    what are you asking? Running or jogging is always best way to lose weight! There is nothing more efficient than that!

    Good luck to you!!

  3. Phsics said :

    I say jog full speed for 3 miles rest by jogging then start up again and finish the 6 miles

  4. yankees1774 said :

    You will burn the same number of calories walking six miles as you will running six miles. The former will simply take far longer. Also, you will see minimal cardiovascular benefits if you walk, whereas your cardiovascular health will improve if you run. If your main concern is weight loss, you shouldn’t have too many problems with your current plan.

  5. Kendi said :

    hey there, i lost 25 kilos by walking 8 kms, every day for only two months. i gained those kilos with having my baby. i would “FAST WALK” those 8 kms.
    Look main thing for you to do is, block out the SUGAR , believe me, it is ahrd as hell, but it will do BLOODY wonders. Drink water instead of juice and soft drinks. Some juices are ok.

    Please remember dont psh yourself too hard, because you’ll give up if its too hard.
    Walk like me, and you will lose 25 kilos in two month.

  6. Mr. Knowitall said :

    Jogging a mile and walking a mile take about the same amount of energy and burn about the same amount of calories. Walking just takes longer. So it’s not a bad plan.

    I saw an orthopedic surgeon a couple of years ago and he asked me how I was exercising. I said I walk, partly because I’m lazy and partly because I don’t know anyone who runs or jogs that doesn’t have some problem with his hips or knees or ankles. The surgeon said yes, he runs and has trouble with his hips. 8^)

    Most people want to lose weight by dieting, they don’t realize that exercise is the other side of the coin. So I give you credit!

    Good luck!

  7. Kim S said :

    Check out It is a site that gives you a program to take you from the couch to a 5k run. Don’t over do it. Build up to your goal of 5 miles. I was referred to the site by People magazine. They did a feature on 4 women that lost over 100 pounds each.

  8. a-mac said :

    I have heard that you burn the same fat walking or running, so I would walk instead of running! Of course, running is a lot quicker than walking, so you would spend less time working out if you were running. But you can really hurt your knees with running, so that’s bad.

    Good luck working out!!!

  9. blazetigerwolf said :

    I honestly believe that you should put more quality in to your running than in the quantity of miles. I mean what’s the point of putting a goal of 5 to 6 miles, if you can’t fullfill that goal. Dude take baby steps, especially if your a procrastinator like myself. And if your running doesn’t work you can go to a gym or get help from Jenny Craig. Whatever rocks your boat.

  10. Lulu said :

    i would,and this is just an opinion, start out slower to get ur heart rate up and then go inot a jog but i would try to jog as long as i could before i had to walk again u should start off of less of a distance and work your way up. and when u walk keep dont keep ur hands down my ur side so blood doesnt rush to ur finger tips.

  11. shel said :

    it is really ambitious but i have used the same technique and feel that it works for me. when you feel like walking tho, push that little bit further for a bit of resistance training. good luck

  12. Tiff, Tiff said :

    well i think that you’re on the right track already just maybe a few minor adjustments like picking a healthy diet that you can stick with through your weight loss process and you should lose weight soon. good luck!


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