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Question about fat loss help me?

So if i jog for 45 minutes, i burn fat. But when I consum calories, that doesn’t NECESSARELY GOES INTO MY FAT correct?

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2 Responses to “Question about fat loss help me?”

  1. Josie said :


  2. mistress_piper said :

    Correct, but only if you eat the right kinds of foods. Lean protein builds muscle. Stick to a diet of lean protein, whole grains and lots of fruit and vegetables. Remember good fats (like olive oil, nuts and avocado) are necessary to keep your body healthy. Stay away from junk food.

    If you stick to a balanced, healthy diet, you will gain muscle (remember, muscle weighs more than fat so ignore the scale!).

    Don’t be surprised if your appetite goes up if you’re exercising a lot. When you are burning a lot of calories, your body’s needs go up. Just make sure you put in some really healthy snacks like fruit, cheese, etc. and not junk. Drink loads of water too – running makes you sweat. Regular “power” drinks like Gatorade taste good, but they contain loads of sugar and calories. If you want them once in a while, check out the low calorie/low sugar ones.


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