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My problem with “The Secret”?

One of the most important steps of creative visualization is that you are supposed to visualize what you want. I have no idea what I want! I feel soo uninspired. I do have many interests. I think I want certain things so often and then loose interest quickly. Im afraid it’s depression. Whenever I try to decide on what I want I get tired or frustrated. Nothing seems worth putting in the energy required. My mental and physical health is at stake. Im loosing weight. Negative thoughts control me. I guess what Im asking is how do you cope with these negative feelings? Any insight from anyone would be soo wonderful and thankyou for anyone who takes the time to read my cry for help.

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10 Responses to “My problem with “The Secret”?”

  1. udontget2knowmyrealname said :

    No one can give you a really good answer unless it’s your doctor.

  2. autumn said :

    Well I don’t think I can help you because I think that I am becoming depressed.

    This is why. Please help me.;_ylt=Avxw0qbflEw9PkAUHO68w1fD7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20090219224010AAHCO34

  3. Tinz said :

    hmm..i dont think its depression.
    i think ur indecisive n thats NORMAL…
    alot of ppl take so much time n experience 2 decide wat they wana do.
    u need 2 see a life coach or someone at which can advise u wat 2 do…after they hear a bit bout wat ur into.

    maybe even see a counsellor.
    just 2 speak 2 someone with experience…someone who doesnt judge u…
    n they can guide u. n u can feel beta speakin n confidin in someone.

    i hope u find the right path..
    dnt push it. these things just come with patience n good guidance.

  4. Slutty Panties said :

    i feel the same… u just gota find ur passion i suppose

  5. Sounds Painful said :

    First off, I really think that you should talk to a doctor about your feelings. I experienced the same thing – ups and downs, peaks of interest – then discouragement… and I started taking an inexpensive, low-dose antidepressant. It has been so amazing for me. I think it would help you, too.

    When I need to cope with negative feelings, I go get my “happy thoughts”.

    It’s a little book in which I put things that make me smile: pictures of my friends laughing, pictures where I think I look hot (view: my profile picture, LOL), comic strips that make me laugh, jokes, etc.

    In the secret, it often mentions people who found pictures of “their dream home”, or their “dream car” or even the breed of dog they would someday like to own… and they would store these pictures, so that they could use them for creative visualization.

    Maybe that will help.

  6. Force of 1 said :

    I can empathize with you…let me give you two steps:

    1) Write down the things you don’t want. Then write out what their opposites are. Chances are, those are the things you DO want in life!
    Ex. “I don’t want to be bored all the time” —> “I want an exciting action packed life!” then think of things that go with that (cool hobbies, trying new foods, learning new things, etc)

    2) I want you to check out a book called “PsychoCybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz (sp?). It talks about transforming your self image. Read it and DO THE EXERCISES. I think they could be of help. This is too much to get into on here, but keep me posted.

  7. Encephalo said :

    Well, its ultimately up to you. If you are actually tired of feeling sad and down, then do something about it. You have the ability to do that, mentally, we are capable of so much – we just choose not to put it into effect. Sure, it is difficult and strenuous, but no one said attaining happiness was easy. Stop worrying about the unnecessary and don’t be afraid to do what you want to do. We live approx. 80 years (if we are lucky) don’t waste time by feeling down.

  8. oh kaitlyn :) said :

    Try setting aside some time to do what makes you relaxed, just so you can think about things. Try joining a yoga class or do something regularly that relaxes you, like regular massages or pedicures. try out everything you can possibly imagine and talk to people about recommendations.

    for inspiration you can try to read more books and watch more movies, learn about culture from other countries, listen to more kinds of music and try to analyze what it actually means rather than just listening. try something different. and seek inspiration wherever you can. think outside the box!

    good luck :]

  9. Jane said :

    I have depression and that’s what I go through. Therapy and/or medication helps me, and it should help you to build your self-efficacy. Don’t feel bad about being depressed, it’s a sickness, and clearly you know you’re sick. I have troubles coping with negative feelings, and therapy has helped me in the past with giving me the tools to deal with this difficult problem. [I need to go back to therapy when I get money or find a good free clinic.]
    Also, try to actively expose yourself to new things and see if anything interests you. Push yourself to get out there, meet new people, try new exciting things. I know it seems unbearable some days to even get out of bed, let alone push yourself to meet new people… but life is worth living, and living well. Send a few emails to friends and family members who you may have gotten out of touch with to try to re-establish the connection (or maintain it). The best way I’ve been coping with my negative feelings lately is to get back in touch with people I’ve lost touch with – just to realize that there are people who love me. Keeping busy helps too. The combination of keeping busy by being with loved ones is a blues-buster in my book. A little phone call goes longer than you’d think.

    Best of luck to you – stay strong.

  10. Frank said :

    I went through a very bad depression at one point in my life. I cried and worried and cried and worried about my life and one day I figured it out. I realized that my depression was caused by me over focusing on myself. I stopped focusing so much on myself and started focusing on helping other people. It can be as simple as asking every person you interact with “How’s your day been?”, or buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. The smiles you get from other people makes you feel good about yourself and gives you a sense of purpose knowing you’re making others around you lives better. Stay busy, the more time you sit around by yourself the more time you have to over think your life.

    As far as inspiring yourself, you probably just need to follow through on a few goals to find answers. Think of something you’re interested in that is measurable and set a goal for yourself. Promise yourself no matter how tired or frustrated you get you will follow through and make it happen.

    OK so here’s the good news being depressed was the best thing that ever happened to me! Sounds crazy but I learned so much about myself overcoming depression, to this day whenever I have a bad day I think about everything I’ve overcome to get where I am today, and smile because I did it!

    Believe in yourself. Life isn’t about you, it’s about everyone else…And your experiences with everyone else make up YOU!


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