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What are good types of running shoes and what are the lightest type of running shoes?

I need to get some size 8 and half or 9 pair of running shoes i want to get some light ones but im not sure what ones to get.

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7 Responses to “What are good types of running shoes and what are the lightest type of running shoes?”

  1. StingRay said :

    Dunlop Greenflash are very light.

  2. lordwillabee said :

    pearl izumi are a great running shoe

  3. Lauren M said :

    I absolutely love Nike Shox.The mesh top on the shox allow air so you do not sweat as bad. Nowadays most Nike Shox can sync with your Ipod (that is if you buy the sport kit..just ask at sports store) and let you know how many calories you have burned, how many miles you have ran and etc. I have it and it shows up on my ipod every so often. Take into mind though Nike Shox are a bit expensive. Saucony (sp?) is also a good choice. Mizuno is another great type of running shoe but their sizes run small. So you will more than likely wear a size up from what you would normally wear.

  4. runner said :

    Every person is different what is a good running shoe for one person isn’t going to be good for another. I would highly recommend checking out a running store like Road runner sports. They do a full analysis on your running style (for FREE) and recommend the shoe that is right for you.

    Also make sure if you are doing distance running to ALWAYS get at least 1/2 to 1 size larger than your normal shoe size, because your feet will swell up when you run long distances and you need the extra room in your shoes.

    I measure a 6 and 1/2 and my run shoe is an 8.

    I have a high arch, and need a little extra cushion in my shoes (called a neutral + type) I wear Mizuno wave creation 9. I have also used Asicas Gel-Nimbus

  5. ohhhh emily said :

    Pumas are reallllllllly light.
    it almost feels like you arent wearing shoes at all

  6. dagabe101 said :

    I think some of the adidas running shoes are very cushioned and light. Try the supernova6 and supernova7 or response16

  7. Dan G said :

    most spikes are really good and super light. mine are nikes which are good and not super expensive but there are some other 1s like these adidas spikes which are about $100-120 which my friend had and they were excellent


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