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~~~~~>> huge problem please help<<~~~~~?

okay so i have this plan but i need to know if it will work k ?
okay so im a 13 year old girl and i am 103 lbs and i am 5’4 i feel very skinny and i am tired of being the really small one in my family. last night i was talking to my mom and i was watching this t.v show about loosing weight and she told me about gaining weight by not eating because your body stores fat and once i eat again i will gain much more than me just stuffing myself with foods but i dont think my mom wil like this idea. i wanna know if this is safe and i will be drinking lots of water but i don’t want to feel sick because i have a high metabolism and i want to slow it down . i only plan to do this for one week only because i don’t think i can go long without food l0l so will this work if not please tell me how i can gain weight quickly thanx alot=]

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4 Responses to “~~~~~>> huge problem please help<<~~~~~?”

  1. J V said :

    You should NOT do this. If you want to gain weight than you can talk to your doctor. But if you have a fast metabolism, it would be unwise. I think that your body when starved, goes into safe mode per-say but Being thin and not eating would only lead to BIGGER ISSUES. It is very unhealthy, which could cause vitamin deficiency and hair loss etc..

  2. LC said :

    no i dont think that will work. just try eating healthy. and many times a day. and drink like shakes. that is good to gain weight they sell some protein supplements to add on the shakes, also try some vitamins.

  3. [email protected] said :

    This is not a good idea, it can lead to eating dissorders and is just not healthy.

    if it makes you feel bettter just about every girl you go to school with is worried about there weight as well.
    Your body will even out more when as you get older. dont worry so much right now

  4. hazel said :

    NO. NEVER. You should be happy you’re skinny 🙂 It makes you unique.


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