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Does anyone know where I can buy a decent pair of running shoes?

I’m hoping to get into running and maybe run a marathon next year, but I want to make sure I have the right footwear so I don’t damage my feet/ankles. Can anyone reccommend a decent – but not massively expensive – retailer for decent trainers/running shoes? Or any brand names?

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10 Responses to “Does anyone know where I can buy a decent pair of running shoes?”

  1. Nicky said :

    Nike Air

  2. LB said :

    I love my Nike Shox. I bought them at

  3. boccc2832 said :

    I recommend Road Runner Sports. They are a company soley for runners. Another good one is Eastbay. I have provided both links for you.

  4. lucyluvr_268 said :

    my name is Taiylor O. i live in wellsboro but i get all my running shoes from jc penny. Asics are really good.

  5. KAREN R said :

    get a pair of asics proper running shoes none of this nike air phish

  6. thfc2thfc said :

    soccer sport. they have great priced trainers of all makes and varieties at great prices too.
    trust me try them if they are crap give me a nasty email….

  7. sci said :

    Footlocker, Sheels, JC Penny most of the chain athletic shoe stores.

    NO- Wal-Mart, Sears, K-Mart,

    Best is to get them custom fit at a local running shop. If you don’t walk barefoot for them and run on a treadmill, keep looking as they are poseurs and thieves.

    I would get some good walking shoes first and begin your training with power walking. It will strengthen some key foot and leg areas that will break down if you dive in to running and then your won’t make your shedule. Give the power walking 4-6 weeks before tentative running.

    You have to build to 2 x 10 miles a day and get a 20 miler in at least once well before the event. May I suggest a 1/2 Mara close to 6 weeks before the Big One.

    This applies to anyone of any age attempting their first marathon. If you are already a college 10K runner just start building to the 2 x 10 milers 6 days a week, of course you would know where to get shoes, then?????

    Old Guy, 69:00 1/2 mara

  8. Lee said :

    you need to go t a specialist running store for your trainers mate
    dnt just uy th new nikes or something that looks good
    fashion wnt help when u hav blisters and shinsplints
    a specilaist shop will get you th right pair
    be prepaired to pay anything up to £100 for them tho

  9. Nick G said :

    I love my Asics trainers for running in, they are comfy ang offer good ankle support at the same time, so it makes the likeliness of strains less and shin splints aswel. So anywhere that sells them, i got mine from John Lewis

  10. dukefan86 said :

    I’d recommend going to a store that specializes in running shoes, so you’ll get some good advice based on your feet and how you plan to use the shoes. I got my latest pair at a New Balance store. The salesperson had me walk barefoot, and I told him about predicted mileage, what type of surface I’d usually run on, that sort of thing. To see if there’s a New Balance store near you, click here:

    I’ve also heard that Fleet Feet stores are good!


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