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Please could you recommend me a a Pair of Trainers fro Treadmill Running?

The trainers I have at the moment (adidas) give me blisters on my instep when I run. So I am going to invest in a good pair of trainers that dont hurt!!! Any advice welcome!!!

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4 Responses to “Please could you recommend me a a Pair of Trainers fro Treadmill Running?”

  1. boojum said :

    Try the runners world website. They have lots of review of running shoes

  2. KWB said :

    First, check out your socks. Cotton socks get damp and then make a mess of your feet. Socks made of synthetic wicking fibres will keep your feet dry and much less blister-prone. I like wearing Wright Socks, which have two layers that rub against each other instead of tender foot skin.

    If that doesn’t help, get to your local running store and ask for help. A good specialty store will look at your gait, listen to your concerns, and suggest a few pairs that you can try out in the store – some even have treadmills. Try on three pairs or so and go with what feels best.

    But check your socks.

  3. thedrunkenmaster333 said :

    Although I am biased towards Nike, I would recommend you going to a running-specific store, i.e. Fleet Feet in Carrboro, NC. They have everything for your running needs, but more importantly, they will help fit you into the right shoe, not fitting the shoe for you.

    But if you don’t have something like this, then I would take the following steps:

    1) Try some foot powders that help stop or slow the moisture on your feet.
    2) Get new sock.
    3) Go to any running site, i.e.
    4) See a doctor.

    Good Luck!

  4. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    You are looking at the right time now – the sales are on and you can get last years models at half price.

    Best advice is to go to a running shop and ask them, they will have a range that you can try on. All will have differences but the main thing is that they are comfortable and that they support your feet. If you take your old trainers with you they might be able to look at them and advice better models depending how they are worn (for example, they can tell how your foot lands “pronountion” from the way the upper has twisted as you have worn them – and advise suitable shoes from that). If not tell them of problems you might have with blisters and if they are good they will still be able to advice you.

    As for particular makes – avoid other peoples preferences – what fits them like a glove migh tcause you blisters and twisted knees – choose what fits you well and that you can run in, even if it isnt the best name on the shelf

    Basically though you are looking for a pair of shoes designed for running, thouth for treadmill use with its even surface you can get away with the lighter, less stable shoes which gives you a much wider range to choose from


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