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What would you recomend for a good pair of cross county running shoes?

I have been out of cross countyr running for a long time now and have only been road running, I am getting back into it with a friend but am out of touch with the correct footwear.
The last pair of trainers I bought were awfull, can you help me?

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7 Responses to “What would you recomend for a good pair of cross county running shoes?”

  1. twincharl said :

    I think you should buy running spikes.
    or Asics
    That would be best for any sport.
    I think spikes are better because they are lighter, and they feel great running in.

    but you said running shoes, Asics are the way to go.

  2. sarge927 said :

    For running shoes (if all you’re going to be doing in them is running) I’ve had good luck with New Balance running shoes. Cross trainers are not nearly as good for running…

  3. Wamibo said :

    As to what will be most beneficial to your speed it does depend on exactly what the surface of the cross country course includes. If it is all soft underfoot. such as earth, grass, plough etc. AND NO TARMAC or other type of road surface, you will go fastest if you are wearing spikes like a sprinter would for the 100 metres.

    But in practise a cross country course will usually include some tarmac possibly a few hundred meters of road as well as many more miles of softer stuff under you, and then you could damage your spikes and it would slow you down on that short bit of road. So if you run on that kind of cross country course you need to wear good quality trainers.

    Also do not wear the same shoes every time youi go out for a training run or competing, but change them around. Most importantly, make sure when you buy your trainers that you check them out thoroughly to ensure they are comfortable by walking around in the store and they are exactly the correct size.

    Never forget you are wearing them for a prolonged period while your legs are pounding the ground below your body. If you buy a cheap pair of trainers that are uncomfortable you are likely to get blisters and possibly injure your foot. So care and take your time in buying and look for good quality not low price.

  4. biologynerd19 said :

    1. Go to a specialty running store or a sports shoe store that watches you run. Many times they will watch you walk or run on a treadmill to see your footstrike.
    2. Try on several different brands: Asics, Addidas, Nike, Saucony, Muzuno, Reebok, etc. You need a shoe that gives both cushion and support
    3. Many runners (myself included), have more than one pair of shoes that they rotate. This will prolong the life of the shoe, as well as change pressure points on your foot or stride
    4. Keep track of milage…write down when you buy shoes and how many miles per week. After a few months, change the shoes to avoid injury
    5. As one person mentioned: look into spikes or flats for races

  5. julielepley said :

    acis(i spelled it wrong) and new balance

  6. Jon T said :

    It depends on the terrain and how long the race is. Spikes are used by college, high school, and professional runners in most off road races. If there is any pavement at all you shouldn’t use spikes, because they will just bounce of the concrete.

    Asics and NIke’s are my favorite brands, and asics has a great group of trail shoes if you are going to be on some unsure footing. If you use different shoes to race in than training the main objective is having a light weight flat, but if you want to train and race in the same shoe then look for some padding and support.

    It might be useful to find a specialty running store. They will put you in the right shoe, and they will have more shoes to choose from.

  7. TheFlash800 said :

    the brand: asics
    The model: kayano


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