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How can I prevent getting blisters from running?

I really enjoy running but my feet are the problem. Every time i go running i get blisters on inside of my arch. I have bought the recommended runners, i have used all sorts of blister plasters/socks/supports but always end up in pain a couple of miles down the road. Any suggestions?

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25 Responses to “How can I prevent getting blisters from running?”

  1. cuddydman said :

    some people are not made for running so better find some other type of exercise

  2. mark said :

    Two pairs of socks. The ‘rub’ will be between the two layers and not your foot. I haven’t done much running but this used to help with combat boots when I was in the Army.

  3. Tim said :

    Try wearing two pairs of socks, that worked for me.
    Also, do some research, I am sure they make some type of lotion/cream to help with preventing blisters.

  4. Jonathan said :

    I run a lot and used to suffer from blisters. I think the best thing to do is buy a nice pair of trainers and wear them in. As long as they dont rub anywhere and the fit is good you should be ok. It worked for me.
    Also try using talcum powder in your socks.

  5. brittany said :

    try different shoes. there are also socks made for athletics which are tight fitting, and keep moisture away from your skin. And make sure you are buying the right size. You may need to buy narrow sizes.

  6. sharon m said :

    well thank god someone has the same problem as my hubby, well he dont have it anymore because i fixed the problem.
    this really does work it hardens the skin but not to a real hard that makes your feet stiff, all you need to do is apply surgical spirit neat on the area let it dry and within a week your feet will be happy running feet, happy jogging, oh and its cheap but do this every day or it wont work honest

  7. michael s said :

    stop running! Boom boom!

    Seriously, it sounds like you foot is coming down wrong when you hit the ground…your foot is rolling inward, what may help are corrective running foot wear…nike (I am afraid) have got this new air shoe…instead of the pressure being static and uniform over the whole foot the airbags are at different pressures…encouraging your foot to correct itself, and to compensate for the foot compacting at the wrong angle….they are quite good really.

  8. KEYLO said :




  9. Swingin' My Life Away! said :

    Try getting some pads to put inside your shoes, or you can do what I used to do everytime I got a new pair of cleats. And that is to rub vaseline on the spots that are starting to get blisters before you put your shoes on. It helps a lot!

  10. Stacy B said :

    my ex used to rub loads of pertoleum jelly stuff on hie feet before a footy game, and that worked. its like a big tub you can get from boots, that you use on babies bums, like for nappy rash, and only costs a few quid, you may wanna get a better pair of trainesr if its them that make you feet hurt? how far do you run?

  11. NACHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! said :

    I had problems with blisters, too. However, all I needed was to get proper running socks that wick the moisture away from the foot.

    It sounds like you may need to stop running for a while to allow your foot to properly heal. Once the blisters are completely gone, return to running wearing all the right gear and see if that helps.

    Socks were all I needed to fix the problem. The main thing is to keep your feet as dry as possible while you are running.

  12. Merrily said :

    If it is a friction thing then you’ll need to get a different pair of shoes, or reduce the arch. A lot of blisters are caused by sweaty feet. Get some good thin, formfitting running socks, from Defeet, or sockguy, they are moisture wicking and comfortable. Be sure to get the correct size S,M,L,XL. They are a cheep solution and might solve your problem.

  13. Rob said :

    Try using baby powder, thinner socks that wick moisture away; If that doesn’t work try lower arched running shoes made for flatter feet.

  14. L A said :

    you may have low arch , or you may have running shoes with little fexing in the middle, you should be able to bend them nearly in half. or you have cheap shoes. your shoes maybe to tight remember your feet expand when running always allow 1/2 inch clear at front of foot

  15. Lissard said :

    Shoes its all about the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! and don’t go cheap on them!!! Shoes!!

  16. spazdogrunner said :

    two pairs of socks

  17. jshawver3 said :

    Wear socks that are NOT all cotton. All cotton socks get wet alot easier/ faster than socks comprised of synthetic materials. Socks that are about 50-75% cotton should be alright but you want about 25% or a little more of the sock made of synthetic materials.

  18. kelsey F said :

    first of all socks that have different fabric in different areas to support your foot. your problem not wearing the right shoe. that is usually the problem change shoes or ger a new pair.

  19. JennyJo said :

    If you get blisters on your arches they your shoes don’t fit correctly. Either your arch is too low for your shoes or your shoes arent the right size so your arch is support is in the wrong place. Go talk to someone from a running store.

    Also, I saw that I bunch of people recommended socks. A moisture wicking sock is definitely a must, but wearing a cotton sock wouldn’t cause blisters in such a specific location as the arches. Arch blisters aren’t normal by any means (toe blisters are). Get fit for shoes.

  20. Ree Ree said :

    look for cross country shoes…not running shoes…and u probally need arch support

  21. Carley said :

    Did u wear “twin skin” socks? also make sure ur shoes fit properly, go to a local sports shop (or better a specialist runners shop). What u think is a good fit, might not be.

  22. poopman said :

    Get Underarmour Socks

  23. michael said :

    This stuff is amazing i get blisters and rashes every time i run unless i put this stuff on ts called sports slick you put it where you usually get your rashes or blisters and then it prevents chafing and blisters. it also stays on and does not were off until you wash it off there is a link were you can get it below this stuff works great for me !Dont listen to the other people about switching your sport do wht you want to do and try this if you would like GOOD LUCK

  24. retroman said :

    I believe you should be using something like Vaseline as an addition to the socks etc after your run and each day rub your feet with a moisturising cream i would also try flexibility drills for your ankles, feet, toes, etc eg a good one for the toes pick up marbles then release them, the other thing to do join an athletic club then you could try track work on the tartan and work up the distance,you will also get some serious tips on the blisters on the Vaseline thing if your feet are too soft you can harden them up with soaking them in salt

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