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my weight problem?!?(:?

okay. so a little over 4 months ago i started gaining weight maybe about 2 pounds a day . then after that i ate something that made me sick to my stomach i threw up and i had to eat light stuff for at least 3 days .so now i barely gain weight , i gain but then in the morning my stomach goes down . so i was thinking that since i was sick that i cant gain weight like i used to .so now im loosing weight instead of gaining .im not really happy about that because i was more comfortable being thicker than skinny guess im just happy with that (don’t ask) but does anyone know how to gain weight quickly without getting sick? and or what to eat?

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3 Responses to “my weight problem?!?(:?”

  1. MB-W. said :

    i don’t know but i’m just the same but i’ve never been big : i eat more that twice as much as my friends and i am half the size what’s going on?

  2. nicola d said :

    try pasta, potatoes, etc… lots of carbs plus c ur doctor about gaining 2lb a day cos that is a little unusual! good luck

  3. Me time said :

    2 lbs a day is crazy. it’s not really possible even. you probably just had a lot of liquid and poop in you. you need to eat 3000 more calories than you burn to put on one pound, so two pounds a day and youd likely need to eat 8000 calories which would make anyone sick.

    good foods to gain weight are peanut butter, and anything high in fat an calories but small in size (cookies, whole milk, cream, butter, cheese cake.) all the foods fat people try to avoid basically.


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