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Question about losing weight and bodybuilding?

Well i was just wondering can you or can you not burn fat during Weight Training?

I wana lose 10-20 pounds but i hate Cardio, But then i love weight lifting.

Only reason why i don’t weight lift is because people have told me that i can make the fat stuborn by doing that. Then it will be hell tryna lose the weight.

Give me your opinion. Please don’t comment if your not sure.

Thank you.

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3 Responses to “Question about losing weight and bodybuilding?”

  1. Chris said :

    the more muscle you have on your body the more fat you’ll burn because of the fact that muscle is heavier than fat so your body will burn more calories at rest doing all its normal activities (breathing, digesting food, heart pumping etc.). Keep lifting, but if you want to lose fat at the same time, do cardio at a time far away from your weight training because one or the other is going to get hindered. You also have to eat right btw, thats probably most important.

  2. khall said :

    my husband has lifted weights our entire marriage and well..since he was 17 and I first met him. The skinniest I have ever been was during the time in my life I had the time to join him in the gym. I always did lot’s of repititions with minimal weight and kept super skinny that way. Of course he does the opposite and goes for the heavy.

  3. Maude Coronel said :

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