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How do I properly use weight training to lose fat.?

I read that if you use weight training to lose fat the right way you can shed off the fat 400% better then cardio. So my question is what is the right way to work out in order to do that?

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3 Responses to “How do I properly use weight training to lose fat.?”

  1. Daniel C said :

    thats a load of crap, cardio is by far the best to lose wieght.
    wieght training makes you gain muscle mass, so in the end you will gain weight.

  2. bu_selmo said :

    intensity is the key factor here,
    the other is not over training (3-4 days per week is more than enough)
    going to failure (not being to perform more than a certain number of reps even if you tried) is the limiting factor. this has been debated many times, but from personal experience with myself and clients, going to failure will make you leaner as opposed to not going to failure.

    ofcourse, the only thing that will determine if you will lose fat or not is your DIET!!! if you don’t know how to manipulate everything regarding your diet, please hire someone who does.
    training is like an ignition key to a car, diet is the gas… with enough gas (diet), the car won’t start without the ignition key (training), without gas, the car won’t start even with the ignition key there… you get what i’m saying?

  3. NBA Store said :


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