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How effective is weight training when trying to lose weight?

I do a lot of cardio and fit in pilates or body scuplt class about 3 times a week. How effective is this to lose weight if i want to build some type of muscle to help speed up my metabolism? Should I also incorporate basic weight training to this plan to lose more weight or stick with pilates and body scuplt?

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6 Responses to “How effective is weight training when trying to lose weight?”

  1. spinitup2003 said :

    if you are pretty big than weight training could help you, but if you are in shape weights are going to cause you to gain weight remember muscle weighs more than fat

  2. i_am_rocco_35 said :

    It really depends on your situation. If you are overweight, then building muscle while simultaneously doing cardio etc. is a lot of help. However, if you already have a slim figure then more muscle will only increase your weight.

  3. Mandie said :

    If you don’t want to build muscle then I wouldn’t do weight training. Yoga and pilates are GREAT ways to incorporate muscles and trigger them into toning up. Women have this problem many times. They take weight lifting classes because they hear that it helps speed up the metabolism. It’s true it does, but along with weight training also comes an increase of muscle mass. If you want a slim and toned figure stick with 45-60 minutes of cardio followed by 20-30 mintues of yoga or pilates. Also, if you do get on the scale a couple of weeks after you’ve been working out steadily, don’t be suprised if the scale says you’ve gained weight. It’s prolly just muscle. I usually go by how my clothes are fitting me. If clothes are getting loose then it’s working.

  4. crescent_tiara84 said :

    it all depends on your body weight. if your body weight is too much it will help. otherwise it will help you to lose weight but slowly and gradually.

  5. BigScotter said :

    Be careful here…weight training increases muscle mass…and although it may increase your metabolism, it may also increase your size..which does not appear to be your goal.

    I have been lifting weights for 20 years..and have a powerful body..but it’s not a little body…and if that is not your goal (male or female), I would stick to the pilates.

  6. savourfare said :

    If you incorporate weight training it will help alot in burning fat with the added muscle because it takes more calories to simply sustain muscle. You will look better too, however your weight may stay the same or even increase with the added muscle even if you loose fat at the same time.

    It is a better gauge to veiw your appearance by using measuring body fat percentage rather than monitoring your weight, after all that is what it is about for most people, appearance.


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