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Does having a fast metabolism mean that i lose weight fast?

Well my sister said that if u poo a lot that you have a faster metabolism meaning that through tht process u lose weight faster. Is this true?

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4 Responses to “Does having a fast metabolism mean that i lose weight fast?”

  1. Steve said :

    -.-… no ..and a “fast” metabolism isn’t as common as most think. those people just eat way less than you realize. peoples metabolisms are fairly similar to others of their same weight

  2. Mr. Zildjian said :

    Fast metabolsim just means that your body processes and flows food through your system faster; hence more pooping! You are lucky, lots of people would kill to have a fast metabolism. Essentially it just means that its harder to “gain” weight, but easier to “lose” it. (not easy, easier).

  3. Heather said :

    you burn cals faster, so yes.

  4. SuperGirl! said :

    – Breakfast. All the fruit you want, with tea or coffee or natural fruit juice.
    – Lunch. All the meat you want, preferably not red. With salad or cooked vegetables.One beer or one glass of wine or soft drink, regular or light. Soups OK except for creams.
    – Dinner. All the pasta you want, all the bread you want. Sandwiches OK. Cream soups OK. Beer OK, wine OK.

    It is all a matter of fuelling your body in accordance with its needs and its capacity to process the food intake. This method works only for persons 30 or older. (something to do with metabolism). Heard it from a doctor.


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