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How many carbs per day for weight training to lose belly fat?

I’m confused. When bodybuilding, you should have lots of carbs since building muscles require a lot of energy (more than 40 g of carbs). Muscles lose fat and has great metabolic rate than fat. However, people suggest low carb diet in order to lose fat which contradicts weight training. What’s going on? How many carbs is needed to lose fat when you do weight training?

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5 Responses to “How many carbs per day for weight training to lose belly fat?”

  1. Goldglover said :

    Carbohydrates should be about 55% of your diet. Take your goals in target calories and multiply by .55

  2. Anabolicrocha said :

    40% protein
    40% carbs
    20% fat

    carbs are needed the most after your workout to restore glycogen(recovery) and help with protein synthesis (protein is used to build muscle)

    u dont want too many carbs late at night because when your liver is full of glucose it then spills over to be stored for fat

    try a 4:4:2 ratio with your meals of protein:carbs:fat
    when you eat protein, fat, fiber with carbs it slows down there activity which leads to less insulin (fat storing hormone) and it doesnt get stored as fat and u are allowed to use thoes carbs in your workout for energy

  3. Chandler said :

    Actually yes in your case a low carb diet contradicts your goal. Hi my name is Chandler and I am a long term weight-loss specialist.

    Anobolicrocha was on the money with his ratio however he didn’t mention fiber. This is very important to you because it will
    1. flush your system of unecessary waste and weight
    2. make you more receptive to nutriets , (natural or supplement)
    3. and it will clear certain toxins from you blood making you recovery time shorter.

    For more tips on losing weight though just click my name

  4. pete said :

    Hi Chandler, i’m 41 years old and i have been noticeing a pot belly since i’ve reach my 37 years. please i’ve beening trying everything to get it down but its getting worst. What can i do to change my situation health wise.

  5. Shawana Mccubbin said :

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